I ask that question a lot lately.  Today was one of those days when the scope of the effects of constant propaganda from the corporate owned media, was more depressing that usual. The lack of compassion or any thought that we should help those less fortunate is missing. One commenter said that since over 50% of the country was on assistance of some kind, that it was time to get off the gravy train. That response and the unending, feeling so sorry for the rich, that already pay more taxes than most of us do.  They are right, they do pay more taxes(because the make MORE), but what they seem unable to comprehend is that they used to pay more taxes, and our country was richer for it. In fact the rich do not suffer when they pay more taxes and in fact do well, just not at the level of inequality of wealth we now have.

History has always been one of my favorite subjects and have enjoyed the ability to research whatever subject I want, has been awesome. One thing that caught my eye was the fact that it seems to go in cycles, where the rich are paying their fair share (and yes its high) and they are proud to do that, because they know they will have a good infrastructure and educated employees for their business and when at the same time (with the tax codes to encourage better wages and penalize outsourcing) the people have the money to spend to buy the products and services, then everyone benefits.

Yet that is a subject that now the ‘global elite’ have forgot and now we once more are at the cusp of either a crushing depression or recovery and path to thriving economy. When the ‘elite’ forget the lessons that their elders learned the hard way( not only the poor suffered thru the great depression, it also crushed many of the elite) we get this repeat of history time after time. The advent of the ability to share information and propaganda has allowed the global elite to buy into many governments and use their influence to garner results that have created inequality of wealth in all country’s and at the same time created a global economic crash, that we are still trying to get out of.

Read just the other day in an article where the ‘global elite’ refer to us as the ‘useless eaters’  I would like to remind the ‘global elite’ of what happened to the ‘elite’ in France and how many lost their heads  as they disregarded history and created an inequality of wealth that led to total anarchy and chaos.  That is not the way that any of us want. Peaceful anarchy if its possible.

As always its up to us the ‘useless eaters’ that the ‘global elite’ need much more than we need them. In a way they are the true ‘welfare kings and queens’ living off the labor of others, and so many of them destroying the earth and people in their pursuit of more money.

We do have power that we so often forget (the elite never forget) just in our numbers alone, we so outnumber those ‘global elite’ and if we put our combined minds and energy we could enact a global change for democracy and freedom for the people. If you are going to dream, dream big right?



72849_320001224745030_568762241_n may peace and joy and harmony fill your life


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