I ask that question, because over 40% of congress  are millionaires , and we see how the taxing on the rich and large corporations have been going down, and down and they want to make them even lower.  These same politicians want to take away earned income credit, child refund tax and at the same time gut food stamps and Medicaid and cut school lunches out, and at the same time they want to eliminate tax on capitol gains and carried interest. This will give the rich man from Nevada a 2billion reduction in his taxes, and of course will help out each and every millionaire in office.

There must be a way to get ‘money’ out of our government. We need to have total faith that those in government will govern for all the people, not just the top 1%. Yet they have done such a great job on brainwashing, that there are people saying, oh no don’t tax those people, because they already pay taxes and we must be jealous of them. No I am not jealous and I don’t want their money, their 7 houses or their car elevator, what I do want is for them to pay their taxes. We lost over 1 trillion in revenue from the bush tax cuts. That’s a lot of money and if they have their way it will be even higher loss of revenue.

So now I come to the question, should we allow millionaires to be in our congress? I don’t think we should and have joined a group that is trying to revamp our congress  Things like term limits of 2 to 4 year(they can be elected to serve that second 2 year term, but after that they are no longer allowed to be in congress. There pay will be tied to the average American workers pay and if it goes down, so does there’s. No more pensions for life and they must be on social security and use Medicare. No more 65 days paid off and no more extra money for their cars and such. American workers don’t receive those perks so why in the world should anyone in congress be treated better than average Americans. Do I think we will succeed, I don’t know, some days I am sure we will and then I will have a day like today, when the ignorance and racist posts online make me wonder if there are enough sane people left in America. 

I saw this the other day and liked it522081_451311008226182_1563496643_n    Peace and joy and the light of love to surround you. thank you for reading this


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