I am sure that by now you have both heard and read the latest of M Romney’s statements. If there are still people left in our country that will vote for this man, one must wonder what is wrong with them. Day after day its reported even by our corporate owned media the different new GOP plans and bills and that they now we know, consider 47% of this country to be ‘users and dependents on government handouts. What a weird election year. Never before in all the president elections before, ever seen such hatred and open racism and total disdain for the ‘average American’ voters. They act as if it it doesn’t matter what they do or say, that they will all be re-elected. Do they know something we don’t know? Are they planning to buy their elections, and prevent millions from voting? Are they going to ‘fix’ the voting machines? In my state we vote my mail, and it would be great if we all in the whole country could vote by mail, with library’s and outreach for homeless without mail address. There is no fraud and everyone knows that and even the GOP leaders in states that are trying to restrict votes, are  quite open about there reasons. As one said, of course we are trying to make sure that Romney wins, and there is no outcry and nothing is done about it. Sure they appear to try to stop it, but as in Florida where r Scott says openly he doesn’t care and he will purge voters if he wants. 

Of course that would be that those voters are more of the 47% of the country that don’t matter to Romney or the GOP because they might vote for Obama and democrats, and we can’t have that. We are no better than any undeveloped country(used to be called 3rd world) with voting restrictions, and disdain for the average American citizen and an inequality of wealth that is second only to country’s like Uganda in the world. Our schools are getting worse and worse and more and more money is pulled from education so that more ‘elite’ can have cheaper taxes. Our infant mortality rate is going up each year as is maternal deaths and our life span is shortened each year.

I would like to tell Romney that it’s the 1% of our country like him and his ilk, that are the real deadbeats and moochers. They are the true ‘welfare kings and queens’ They have become even richer than they were before the recession started and are still getting richer as they conspire to take even more money from the masses(cancel earned income credit and child tax) and at the same time cut themselves even more tax breaks.

Please everyone show these people that we do matter and that when we get angry and fed up, we will show our anger at the ballots in November Vote everyone and show them that the 47% of the country that Romney says don’t matter to him, and that 47% will make sure he is not elected president


stupid-404886_179444618823140_150231905077745_230813_1683041708_n  That’s what we are up against      Peace everyone and joy and harmony fill your life   thank you for taking the time to read this


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