This is a subject I am very familiar with. Almost 20 years ago, I was in a car accident, the sun was in the drivers eyes and she never saw our car. In the blink of an eye, my life was changed forever. I am grateful i did not know then how it would end, with me crippled and unable to leave the house much(its very painful to ride in a car). I got better and tried very hard to find and hold down a job, but each time I only lasted about 3 months, and then was taken out by stretcher, and by wheelchair and always told, that if your health gets better you have a job. Finally in 2001 I had to admit that my doctors and family were right and I could no longer hold down a job, it took till 2006 before I was awarded my social security disability and since it took so long I lost valuable work credits and so was awarded a much smaller amount to live on. I miss work, and I miss being able to drive and now miss being able to just get in a car and do little things like shopping and visiting friends and family. I wish I could say I have handled the changes in my life with grace, but no, I fought this all the way. Back in 2001 they gave me 5 to 20 years before my spinal cord is severed in my lower back and that I would be in a wheelchair. I am at 12 years and counting and keep hoping that somehow I will beat the odds. That said, I gave you this background to prove what can happen in our country. 

First thing that happened, was the loss of my paycheck which supported the family, and then the loss of health insurance and then as the years went by, first my marriage didn’t make it and then I lost everything until the point when I got approved for my sad and owed my family and friends (back pay check took care of that) and then I bought a trailer to live in. This happens to people everyday in our country  To be told by Romney that I am just a useless drain really ticks me off.  For one thing I made my first money at 9 years old, ironing shirts for the ranchers that lived nearby(ten cents a shirt) and worked hard all my adult life and paid into social security and then Medicare when it was started. This is the same as paying for insurance and its not an entitlement, its our right to be able to rely on that ‘insurance’ plan. 

The inequality of wealth in our country is destroying our country and the economy. We need to tax the rich and corporations and beef up social net programs. There should be no children going to bed hungry in our country. There should be no deaths from people being unable to get healthcare. There should be no shame in being poor and asking for help.

I have no answers only more questions on how we can educate this wide swath of our population that has been so brainwashed by our corporate media that they actually believe the ‘job creators’ and ‘trickledown effect’ and will vote against there best interests.  If the GOP(gods of poverty) are allowed to keep control of the house and the ‘duo from hell’ gains the presidency, that will be our country’s death and we will have sold our country and our democracy to corporate dollar. 

Poverty is everywhere in our country and its only getting worse. We the people can help change that, but it means constant watching our government and being involved in sending emails and phone calls and signing petitions and really studying the issues and the politicians. It means following the ‘money’ back to where it comes from and it means ridding our government of those ‘gop and dems’ that are owned by corporate dollar

Our country should not be a country with widespread poverty, but this is what happens when our inequality of wealth reaches the proportions of today(highest ever, even more than in the 1780 and 1920) and if not corrected, our country will go either of two ways, depression or armed uprising. I want neither to happen.


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