This is a quote that I feel echoes the society we seem to live in now, and the soul of our society is dark and scary.

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children   by ‘ nelson Mandela’

Way too many times, I am told online, that the poor are just lazy, and in one article, if they have a microwave, then they are not poor. Not one of these people actually cared that the working poor now have to work 71 to 88 hours a week, if they want to maybe meet basic needs, and that doesn’t cover childcare or food.  When I say that, then I get the comeback, that its not their fault that these people are too stupid to make more money, and they should have gone to college, and you know all the BS that so many in our country use to excuse the fact that children go to bed hungry in our country. children are homeless and they don’t get the medical care they need, and its all the working poor’s own fault, no fault of our society or our ‘corporate rule’.

Sometimes I go off on these people, as it hurts to know that so many people in this country actually believe the poor should get no help, and one man even told me that it says in the bible if you don’t work, you don’t eat (sure enough in the old testament a king says this to his subjects) and when I tell them, that the people are already working, they just say, too bad.

Today I was reading about a state that ‘imprisons’ children for infractions and that included disabled children, if they act up in class. How wrong is that? Also some schools use gps chips on the children’s backpack, so they can see where they go after school. When did our children become little more than ‘convicts’ to schools?

In our country, the treatment of our young is atrocious and we are the only country in the world that locks up minors for life and that kills teenagers. We also have only 5% of the worlds population but 25% of the worlds prisoners, and if these schools have there way, its straight from the classroom to prison.

How can we change this? Our children are our future, and we have no future if we do not have healthy, well fed, educated children to grow up and enter the ‘global market’  We have jobs in our country that there are not enough qualified people to fill, and yet our education is out of reach for many that graduate high school (that’s if they even graduate).

I want the soul of our country to be better than what it is now. I want to live in a country that treasures their children, not a country that looks at them as future slaves for their corporations. I want back the country I was born into. The country that was actually a good country, a country that treasured its young and wanted to provide good education for them.

We need to all please vote like never before, and even after the election, we can’t let up. We got to where we are at today, because of our apathy and our non interest in the government.  For myself, I say with shame that until last year, I really was quite illiterate about what was going on in our country  I tuned them out.  Facebook came along, with links to follow, which is how my journey started. The more I learned, the more obsessed I became with learning the truth and the issues and reading the bills, and emailing my senators and reps ( they always respond back) and I share with all my family, friends and my online circle.  In that way, we have all become the new media. We must not stop what we are doing, until we reclaim our government from corporate rule. I really think that if the ability to talk and research on the internet and social media and blogs had not happened, we would have stood no chance at stopping the ‘takeover’ of our government by corporate dollar. As it is, the more information that comes out, the more of the ‘1%’ like the Koch bros are unearthed, the less power they have.  That said, like any cornered animal, the ‘1%’ that would like to own our country are going to fight like crazy to stop us. Don’t let them win, ok? Vote and make sure all you know vote and hopefully for the only time in my life I will tell all I know to vote straight democrat (check their endorsements and qualifications to make sure they are progressive democrat

538708_489275911096358_411196414_n  candle in darknessPeace and may joy and harmony surround you

166069_488295351195981_381780379_n   I liked these two pics and wanted to share



What I would like to point out is that one of the programs to be cut in the infamous Ryan budget, is the weather service. That weather  service is what helps people to be warned of hurricanes (like the super storm to hit the east coast) and tornadoes, and other extreme weather. Yet the GOP (gods of poverty) would not only cut but eliminate that agency. What is wrong with these new ‘breed’ of politicians  and most important, what is wrong with the people that vote these ‘new breed’ in to office? 



What I do hear a lot from people, is that its just scare tactics put out by the liberals that vote for Obama, and its not really true. Yes its true, this is what they plan to do, if they gain control. We need  FDA and EPA  and USDA  and the weather tracking. They even want to cut FBI and HAS funds but instead give the pentagon more money than they asked for. What will it take for the people in our country to get tired of ‘this new breed’ of politician and vote in ‘progressive politicians’ with a stated mission    For the people, by the people and of the people. 


I think its important to remind everyone daily, of the extreme measures the GOP (gods of poverty) want to enact in our country. 3rd world status, here we come.   The only way to stop this is to educate yourself and all you know on the issues and the people running and then vote. No more apathy, no more write-ins or 3rd party voting.  This year vote in only ‘progressive democrats for every open seat in the country and Obama 2012




373801_212523082209495_1060876204_n trickle down fairy dust222867_10150196013346275_4258482_n    kennedy quote                 557177_459406090750007_1483696894_n

peace and may joy and harmony fill your life


I don’t know about anyone else, but sometimes I am filled with questions and alarms about out government, and really question if we can make a difference.  In that line of thinking, I decided I needed to learn more about how we got here and how we can get somewhere better, and started checking books out of the library. Two of the best so far have be  99 to 1 how wealth inequality is wrecking the world and what we can do about it by chuck Collins  and the billionaires ball (can’t remember the author). I would recommend either of these as they are easy to understand and both touch on the similarities between now and what led up to the ‘great depression’

One of the most important ways to enact change is by education and by sharing what we learn with others.  To that end is what drives me to research and read and comment and reply and post my blogs. For the kind of changes we need to enact, we need to involve all of us. Its important to learn what you can and share links with other on your ‘social network site’ and to never give up.

I read today that the UN is going to be sending people to ‘ensure’ that our voting is legit and secure. How sad is that? Did you ever think you would read about that?  I know I didn’t and am sad beyond words that it has come to this.  The eldest Romney child just bought  ‘the voting machines company’ in 3 of the swing states and we have outright voter suppression going on in several states. What happened to our country?

There are no easy answers and it will take time, but I would like to feel that just the fact I am writing this blog and you are reading it, is sign of a change happening in our country. We will need to keep up the pressure and the search for truth, no matter what happens in November. No more apathy and no more mindless listening to ‘corporate owned media’ and no more thinking that you can’t make a difference.

Please vote this year and make sure all that you know vote and vote for progressive democrat for all open seats in the country and of course Obama /Biden for 2012. Never forget how important you are to the process of reclaiming our government from corporate dollar. It will take all of us.


I sure hope that this year Americans will show our government what happens when we get fed up with their incompetence , and turn out like never before to vote. To be honest I think I like way too many others had really just given up with our government and stopped paying attention to what was happening. Not sure about others, but my becoming involved in the politics and issues of our country, started with Facebook. My kids wanted me to sign up and so did late last year.

At first I really didn’t click on the links that were on the side of the page, but soon I was exploring and that is how I came to even know that we had a problem. Of course we all know that we had a recession and wall street crooks and banks crashed and then we the taxpayer paid to bail them out. What I didn’t know was how close this time mirrors FDR’s first term and the buildup to the great depression brought on the by the actions of the wealthy and large corporations  influence on the government previous 30 years (just like now) The more I found out, the more I wanted to learn. So I took what could be a tragedy (lack of mobility) and decided to add my voice. I joined various sites and actually read the bills and I check out books from the library  (2 good ones   99 to 1 by chuck Collins  and billionaires ball  gluttony and hurries in an age of epic inequality by Linda mCuaig and Neil brooks) and when needed I call the various senators and reps from my state and I sign petitions and most important I share what I learn.

Never before would I have done as today, (doctor visit) and asked everyone, even my doctor, are you going to vote? They all said yes and they will vote all democratic.  That is so encouraging because it means more and more people are waking up and paying attention, like never before to the issues of our time. Also more and more people are becoming aware that our corporate owned media is not telling us everything, so they post links and picks and information on their Facebook page, or their own blog or on different blog sites that I visit. What I have noticed is a greater number of new posters, and that is really good, because the more people that learn the truths and pass them on, the better educated Americans are and they will vote accordingly.

We need though to keep this up by continuing to post and share and to help ensure that our internet stays free and allows us to find the truth and to read the bills and issues and that we no longer be a country of apathy but a country committed to a democracy  of the people for the people and by the people and vote for the people that will help us to reverse the inequality of wealth and the influence of corporate dollar  on Washington dc.

Vote everyone and make sure everyone you know will vote and share with everyone the truths you find    As always, we are the now the new media.

223994_426361304075190_911321807_n   PEACE AND MAY JOY AND HARMONY SURROUND YOU


That’s right, the GOP cut funding for embassy security, even though the state department told them that they needed to provide more security for the embassy’s.  Now they have the guts to blast the president for inadequate security. You will notice that the fact of the ‘dramatic cut in funds’ has not been talked about in our corporate owned media. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/10/jason-chaffetz-embassy_n_1954912.html    Even after the attacks on the embassy and the deaths of Americans , security was once again cut as Chaffetz puts it, we have to prioritize and providing for embassy security is a place that can be safely cut. Really? What is wrong with the GOP (gods of poverty and American Taliban in training) that they would attack the president for lack of security, yet cut funding dramatically since 2010 for embassy security?  

Just one more reason to get these ‘new political breed’ out of office in every state and federal level.   In fact they have voted to CUT EMBASSY SECURITY FUNDING FOR 2013, and yet have the audacity to blame the president for their mistakes and then vote to continue that same mistake? What will it take for the American people to wake up and see what is happening? 

Will you vote for the ‘politicians’ that work only for the top 1% and will cut funding for all needed programs, or will you vote of democracy to once more be true in our country?  Make no mistake about it, this is part of the GOP (gods of poverty) plan to undercut all that makes us a democracy to cut funding for any program except those that might help their owners. Sadly there will be many Americans  that will not know that the GOP party started cutting funding for embassy security in 2010 and even with the tragic results of that cutting of funding, they have voted to lower even more the funding for embassy security.

We are now the new media and its up to all of us to share what we learn with all we know and see and correspond with. Each time we share what we learn we widen the education of the truth and real facts to more people. 

PEACE AND MAY JOY AND HARMONY FILL YOUR LIFE522081_451311008226182_1563496643_n


I ask that question because of something that happened today. It probably comes as no surprise that I have become very passionate and opiated about the upcoming elections and issues that face our country. What may be surprising is that until the end of 2011, I had no real interest other that the usual disconnect that I and many others had concerning our government.  I knew that things had changed and yet as trite as it sounds, it was when my kids talked me into going on Facebook  and so I did.  It started out with just clinking on some links, and then I was hooked and kept up my research. The more I found, the more obsessed became with learning more.

The kids and there friends and my friends both online and at home bear the full brunt of my obsession. On the plus side they are not only very educated on the issues but they are themselves becoming passionate and wanting to be involved in our country’s future.   Yet this afternoon, I was maybe a little more than usual passionate, and it was my concern for the education of our young. What I was referring to was the latest ‘gop’(gods of poverty) house represented of the ‘science committee to show utter ignorance of science. He actually said that (he is a md) science is from the devil and of course our world was created less than ten thousand years and that humanity was created at the same time. When I commented that couldn’t believe that children are allowed to be taught that as science, my friend asked why does it matter?

Wasn’t quite sure what to say and thus am left to wonder, is it a problem? I think it is and I know that the children being allowed to learn that as science leaves them unable to compete in the employment market the same as a child that receives an education that is taught real science and leaves bibles and other religious teachings to just that, religion.   Am I wrong? Because of course, I can be very wrong. It just has me questioning what is the right way to shape our country’s government and education.

When its all said and done, I can’t quit. The more I learn, the more I become obsessed with trying to educate as many people as possible to the dangers facing us both on a national and global issues. So is it possible to be too passionate?  Or is that same passion needed to break thru to the truth and share with others

Questions with no real answers

Thought I would end with these three visuals.





True unemployment graph


)This is  a posting by   I ACKNOWLEDGE CLASS WARFARE EXISTS        and it is their complete posting with the only words added by myself, was this disclaimer   just wanted to share with you and this site has many postings that are good

icarus posted: ” This chart comes courtesy of Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post HERE. This is pretty simple to understand. Despite the Republicans trying to block job creation in this economy and despite the economic failings of Europe – America is slowly but sur”

New post on I Acknowledge Class Warfare Exists

Chart of the Day: Obama Reduces Unemployment

by icarus

This chart comes courtesy of Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post HERE.

This is pretty simple to understand. Despite the Republicans trying to block job creation in this economy and despite the economic failings of Europe – America is slowly but surely moving through the dredge. Just remember this – the first 3 months Obama was in office … the country lost 2.2 million jobs.

And now … 5.2 million private sector jobs have been created since January of 2010. The Manufacturing industry is on the rebound (slowly), the housing market is recovering, the banking industry has plenty of capital to protect from economic shocks and the auto industry has rebounded significantly. Lots of good things in the economy even though there are many concerns too. Bottom line – we’re moving forward despite Republican opposition to progress.

And Republicans are trying their damnedest to make Americans think the country is going to implode any day now due to the horrible socialistic policies of this President that led to the jobs in this chart coincidentally. This turnaround wouldn’t have happened without the stimulus.

Unemployment – 7.8%. Period.

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