That’s right it legal in the USA to use propaganda and lies and slant the news anyway they want. Canada on the other hand  by court decision in the summer of 2011, makes it illegal for a ‘news’to be anything except   factual and true with no bias.  That means we have a large portion of our population that because of this( fox news is the worst and they are the ones that went to court to gain the legal right to lie on their ‘broadcast news’, really believe everything they see or read on the news. You would be amazed at the responses and comments I receive on another blog site, that call me a liberal that knows nothing and how could I ever think that the poor rich (1% vampires) should pay anymore in taxes, after all they already pay so much, and if we tax them they wont create jobs or give us there trickle down. When I respond with the question of ‘how come if this works, it hasn’t worked by now (over three decades) they never have an answer except to tell me I am jealous and class warfare and that I just want to leach off the government. When I post that the corporate tax rate needs to be changed and make it a very high corporate tax with huge tax breaks for not outsourcing and for keeping the division between top ceo pay to no more than 40 times the lowest employee pay( now its 300 to 500 times). I am told that we already have high corporate taxes(we actually have among the lowest in the world, because of loopholes and tax breaks) and if we increase taxes they will leave and not hire anyone here. How ironic is it that those corporations already outsource and park their money overseas and are sitting on trillions of collected wealth, and they are not hiring anyone unless its at min wage, no livable wages.

That’s where it comes back to the biased and false information and actual propaganda( read where fox news actually was using propaganda that they copied from government agency) comes in and the damage done. I am sure that all the people that I converse with are intelligent and that they actually believe that since its on the news, I am the one lying and even when I give links to the true facts, almost all of them, refuse to look at the link and as one person told me today, to shut my liberal fairytales and that fox news was the only non-biased news and that’s because they are the one news source telling these people that the president is bad, the economy is still failing, that the deficit and debt need to be fixed by cutting taxes to the rich and corporations and that all of those’ social net’ programs need to be cut, and that its really the 47% of people that are not earning enough to pay federal taxes that are the drain on our economy, so of course taxes should go up on all the ‘deadbeats’ ]

Maybe the saddest of all of this, is that these same people are the ones that will be harmed the most by the GOP(gods of poverty) platform and budget. Then I am left with the question, how do we undo the brainwashing and how do we get our corporate owned media to be held to the standard of true and factual with no bias.

428856_10151126700443132_1889235536_n283702_10150897576256275_349815523_n223994_426361304075190_911321807_n    this is where we the ‘new media’ come in and its as if we hold the world in our hands as we try to reclaim our country from corporate dollar and GOP (gods of poverty) agenda and instead free our world from the ‘corporate owned media’



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