I must hear a dozen times each day, why does it matter about inequality of wealth?   I have tried to use this as an example

If you have a 100 people and a 100 dollars and you give 99 dollars to the richest one and give a dollar to the remaining 99, that means that there is only one person that can buy things and that 99 people don’t have enough money to spend, which means that there is no new demand for services or products and so no new hiring.  But if you give say 20 dollars to that top richest and 80 dollars split with those 99 left, you now have more people able to spend and as such that drives the demand for new products and services and thus drives the demand for new hiring. If you at the same time, insert say  a 100 dollars into the hands of those 99 people, then you double the spending and by more people at more places, thus driving the demand for more services and products and at the same time driving the demand for new jobs and at the same time, you will have more than doubled the revenue coming back to the government. 

That’s why inequality of wealth matters.  When the true job creators ( you and I and the rest of the 99%) have money to spend, then our economy thrives, but if you take all the money and wealth of the country and funnel it up to the top wealthiest, we have no economy. Those 1% by sheer numbers alone, cant spend enough and in enough places to create any demand. Yet when those 99% by their sheer numbers have money to spend, the economy has the demand for new jobs.

Common sense, which seems to be in short supply in our government and our country.  How is it that there are still people buying into the ‘job creators and trickle down “ even though its been almost 32 years since this began and over ten years since the bush tax cuts on steroids, and look around you,, it doesn’t work.


so I leave on this note419320_487555747922075_1428067557_n  bernie sanders on inequality of wealth557177_459406090750007_1483696894_n373801_212523082209495_1060876204_n trickle down fairy duststupid-404886_179444618823140_150231905077745_230813_1683041708_n




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