I ask that question because of something that happened today. It probably comes as no surprise that I have become very passionate and opiated about the upcoming elections and issues that face our country. What may be surprising is that until the end of 2011, I had no real interest other that the usual disconnect that I and many others had concerning our government.  I knew that things had changed and yet as trite as it sounds, it was when my kids talked me into going on Facebook  and so I did.  It started out with just clinking on some links, and then I was hooked and kept up my research. The more I found, the more obsessed became with learning more.

The kids and there friends and my friends both online and at home bear the full brunt of my obsession. On the plus side they are not only very educated on the issues but they are themselves becoming passionate and wanting to be involved in our country’s future.   Yet this afternoon, I was maybe a little more than usual passionate, and it was my concern for the education of our young. What I was referring to was the latest ‘gop’(gods of poverty) house represented of the ‘science committee to show utter ignorance of science. He actually said that (he is a md) science is from the devil and of course our world was created less than ten thousand years and that humanity was created at the same time. When I commented that couldn’t believe that children are allowed to be taught that as science, my friend asked why does it matter?

Wasn’t quite sure what to say and thus am left to wonder, is it a problem? I think it is and I know that the children being allowed to learn that as science leaves them unable to compete in the employment market the same as a child that receives an education that is taught real science and leaves bibles and other religious teachings to just that, religion.   Am I wrong? Because of course, I can be very wrong. It just has me questioning what is the right way to shape our country’s government and education.

When its all said and done, I can’t quit. The more I learn, the more I become obsessed with trying to educate as many people as possible to the dangers facing us both on a national and global issues. So is it possible to be too passionate?  Or is that same passion needed to break thru to the truth and share with others

Questions with no real answers

Thought I would end with these three visuals.






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