That’s right, the GOP cut funding for embassy security, even though the state department told them that they needed to provide more security for the embassy’s.  Now they have the guts to blast the president for inadequate security. You will notice that the fact of the ‘dramatic cut in funds’ has not been talked about in our corporate owned media.    Even after the attacks on the embassy and the deaths of Americans , security was once again cut as Chaffetz puts it, we have to prioritize and providing for embassy security is a place that can be safely cut. Really? What is wrong with the GOP (gods of poverty and American Taliban in training) that they would attack the president for lack of security, yet cut funding dramatically since 2010 for embassy security?  

Just one more reason to get these ‘new political breed’ out of office in every state and federal level.   In fact they have voted to CUT EMBASSY SECURITY FUNDING FOR 2013, and yet have the audacity to blame the president for their mistakes and then vote to continue that same mistake? What will it take for the American people to wake up and see what is happening? 

Will you vote for the ‘politicians’ that work only for the top 1% and will cut funding for all needed programs, or will you vote of democracy to once more be true in our country?  Make no mistake about it, this is part of the GOP (gods of poverty) plan to undercut all that makes us a democracy to cut funding for any program except those that might help their owners. Sadly there will be many Americans  that will not know that the GOP party started cutting funding for embassy security in 2010 and even with the tragic results of that cutting of funding, they have voted to lower even more the funding for embassy security.

We are now the new media and its up to all of us to share what we learn with all we know and see and correspond with. Each time we share what we learn we widen the education of the truth and real facts to more people. 

PEACE AND MAY JOY AND HARMONY FILL YOUR LIFE522081_451311008226182_1563496643_n


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