I sure hope that this year Americans will show our government what happens when we get fed up with their incompetence , and turn out like never before to vote. To be honest I think I like way too many others had really just given up with our government and stopped paying attention to what was happening. Not sure about others, but my becoming involved in the politics and issues of our country, started with Facebook. My kids wanted me to sign up and so did late last year.

At first I really didn’t click on the links that were on the side of the page, but soon I was exploring and that is how I came to even know that we had a problem. Of course we all know that we had a recession and wall street crooks and banks crashed and then we the taxpayer paid to bail them out. What I didn’t know was how close this time mirrors FDR’s first term and the buildup to the great depression brought on the by the actions of the wealthy and large corporations  influence on the government previous 30 years (just like now) The more I found out, the more I wanted to learn. So I took what could be a tragedy (lack of mobility) and decided to add my voice. I joined various sites and actually read the bills and I check out books from the library  (2 good ones   99 to 1 by chuck Collins  and billionaires ball  gluttony and hurries in an age of epic inequality by Linda mCuaig and Neil brooks) and when needed I call the various senators and reps from my state and I sign petitions and most important I share what I learn.

Never before would I have done as today, (doctor visit) and asked everyone, even my doctor, are you going to vote? They all said yes and they will vote all democratic.  That is so encouraging because it means more and more people are waking up and paying attention, like never before to the issues of our time. Also more and more people are becoming aware that our corporate owned media is not telling us everything, so they post links and picks and information on their Facebook page, or their own blog or on different blog sites that I visit. What I have noticed is a greater number of new posters, and that is really good, because the more people that learn the truths and pass them on, the better educated Americans are and they will vote accordingly.

We need though to keep this up by continuing to post and share and to help ensure that our internet stays free and allows us to find the truth and to read the bills and issues and that we no longer be a country of apathy but a country committed to a democracy  of the people for the people and by the people and vote for the people that will help us to reverse the inequality of wealth and the influence of corporate dollar  on Washington dc.

Vote everyone and make sure everyone you know will vote and share with everyone the truths you find    As always, we are the now the new media.

223994_426361304075190_911321807_n   PEACE AND MAY JOY AND HARMONY SURROUND YOU


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