I don’t know about anyone else, but sometimes I am filled with questions and alarms about out government, and really question if we can make a difference.  In that line of thinking, I decided I needed to learn more about how we got here and how we can get somewhere better, and started checking books out of the library. Two of the best so far have be  99 to 1 how wealth inequality is wrecking the world and what we can do about it by chuck Collins  and the billionaires ball (can’t remember the author). I would recommend either of these as they are easy to understand and both touch on the similarities between now and what led up to the ‘great depression’

One of the most important ways to enact change is by education and by sharing what we learn with others.  To that end is what drives me to research and read and comment and reply and post my blogs. For the kind of changes we need to enact, we need to involve all of us. Its important to learn what you can and share links with other on your ‘social network site’ and to never give up.

I read today that the UN is going to be sending people to ‘ensure’ that our voting is legit and secure. How sad is that? Did you ever think you would read about that?  I know I didn’t and am sad beyond words that it has come to this.  The eldest Romney child just bought  ‘the voting machines company’ in 3 of the swing states and we have outright voter suppression going on in several states. What happened to our country?

There are no easy answers and it will take time, but I would like to feel that just the fact I am writing this blog and you are reading it, is sign of a change happening in our country. We will need to keep up the pressure and the search for truth, no matter what happens in November. No more apathy and no more mindless listening to ‘corporate owned media’ and no more thinking that you can’t make a difference.

Please vote this year and make sure all that you know vote and vote for progressive democrat for all open seats in the country and of course Obama /Biden for 2012. Never forget how important you are to the process of reclaiming our government from corporate dollar. It will take all of us.



  1. I feel trapped into voting for Obama. He has not been the change agent that I anticipated. I believe many others feel the same. That is the reason there is a lack of enthusiasm in his campaign.

    Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, were co-chairs of President Obama’s Deficit Commission. The president did not support the conclusions of the commission. That was the president’s opportunity to actively campaign for a solution to the budget crises.

    It’s sad to say but we were drawn in by the “Hope and Change” theme. Obama is good with words but lacks the skills to advance the nation. Romney does stand for the rich and the very rich. I will hold my nose as Obama gets my vote.

  2. I have to tell you that i echo your thoughts on our president. It seems that in many ways he betrayed our trust and hope that he seemed to radiate(i am tired, so hope my spelling ok)
    I was reading this really good book (the billionairs ball) and it was outlining what led up to the depression and then FDR’s first term and the difference in the second term. What caught my eye was that FDR tried to appease wallstreet/corporate dollar and the GOP in congress, as that seems what our president did.

    We have 4 years to try to come up with a 3rd party, which we really need. Most important is that we don’t stop with keeping up with what is going on in our government and keep up the pressure to be a government for the people and by the people. One of the other parts of the ‘great depression’ was that it was the people coming together like we are now doing, and no longer thinking that the ‘super rich’ were better and to be admired and they started demanding from the politicians that they govern for the people, not the rich. Thats how we got the regulations and progressive tax policys that enabled our country to become great in many ways.

    I wish i could say different, but i will also hold my nose as Obama gets my vote. Thank you for taking the time to share with me.

    Time after time i run into the the prase ‘we are now the new media’ and i agree with that.

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