This is a quote that I feel echoes the society we seem to live in now, and the soul of our society is dark and scary.

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children   by ‘ nelson Mandela’

Way too many times, I am told online, that the poor are just lazy, and in one article, if they have a microwave, then they are not poor. Not one of these people actually cared that the working poor now have to work 71 to 88 hours a week, if they want to maybe meet basic needs, and that doesn’t cover childcare or food.  When I say that, then I get the comeback, that its not their fault that these people are too stupid to make more money, and they should have gone to college, and you know all the BS that so many in our country use to excuse the fact that children go to bed hungry in our country. children are homeless and they don’t get the medical care they need, and its all the working poor’s own fault, no fault of our society or our ‘corporate rule’.

Sometimes I go off on these people, as it hurts to know that so many people in this country actually believe the poor should get no help, and one man even told me that it says in the bible if you don’t work, you don’t eat (sure enough in the old testament a king says this to his subjects) and when I tell them, that the people are already working, they just say, too bad.

Today I was reading about a state that ‘imprisons’ children for infractions and that included disabled children, if they act up in class. How wrong is that? Also some schools use gps chips on the children’s backpack, so they can see where they go after school. When did our children become little more than ‘convicts’ to schools?

In our country, the treatment of our young is atrocious and we are the only country in the world that locks up minors for life and that kills teenagers. We also have only 5% of the worlds population but 25% of the worlds prisoners, and if these schools have there way, its straight from the classroom to prison.

How can we change this? Our children are our future, and we have no future if we do not have healthy, well fed, educated children to grow up and enter the ‘global market’  We have jobs in our country that there are not enough qualified people to fill, and yet our education is out of reach for many that graduate high school (that’s if they even graduate).

I want the soul of our country to be better than what it is now. I want to live in a country that treasures their children, not a country that looks at them as future slaves for their corporations. I want back the country I was born into. The country that was actually a good country, a country that treasured its young and wanted to provide good education for them.

We need to all please vote like never before, and even after the election, we can’t let up. We got to where we are at today, because of our apathy and our non interest in the government.  For myself, I say with shame that until last year, I really was quite illiterate about what was going on in our country  I tuned them out.  Facebook came along, with links to follow, which is how my journey started. The more I learned, the more obsessed I became with learning the truth and the issues and reading the bills, and emailing my senators and reps ( they always respond back) and I share with all my family, friends and my online circle.  In that way, we have all become the new media. We must not stop what we are doing, until we reclaim our government from corporate rule. I really think that if the ability to talk and research on the internet and social media and blogs had not happened, we would have stood no chance at stopping the ‘takeover’ of our government by corporate dollar. As it is, the more information that comes out, the more of the ‘1%’ like the Koch bros are unearthed, the less power they have.  That said, like any cornered animal, the ‘1%’ that would like to own our country are going to fight like crazy to stop us. Don’t let them win, ok? Vote and make sure all you know vote and hopefully for the only time in my life I will tell all I know to vote straight democrat (check their endorsements and qualifications to make sure they are progressive democrat

538708_489275911096358_411196414_n  candle in darknessPeace and may joy and harmony surround you

166069_488295351195981_381780379_n   I liked these two pics and wanted to share


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