I am hopeful, that this election will show highest ever levels of voting. That started me thinking, why? When I started thinking about it, it made me think  of how I came to this part of my life, and I realized how many other people like me, there are in our country.  I am no longer on the young side, although I do buy totally into ‘60 is the new 40’, and am ashamed to say, that for decades (like most of the rest of the population) I paid no heed to what went on in our government, and shamefully, there were years I didn’t vote at all. What started this journey for me, was getting my first computer in summer of 2008. At first it took my 10 year old grandson to teach me the basics (like turn it on, and everything from there) and then I ventured into doing surveys (makes extra change) and then my kids, said mom ‘ you need to sign up for Facebook’ and that was the beginning of the journey to political exploration. Did that also start it for others? I would like to think that maybe it did, and so, makes Facebook a deciding factor in this election year. Without the links and ‘ads’ about different issues, I would have stayed ignorant and in total apathy. At first it was just a ‘lark’ and then I got angry. It amazed me, what I and all those like myself(being older) let happen to our country. While we drifted in our apathy and our struggle to survive, which got harder each year, our government and country was slowly being bought by corporate dollar. The more I learned, the more I needed to research even more ideas and issues. I started signing pettion, emailing my senators, governor, and reps and at times even corporate owners and congress and the president. I signed up and had the bills in the house and senate sent each day to my inbox and I read each of them and I then at times emailed different people in congress with my concerns. I joined many different sites that are intent on ferreting the truth and sharing with all.

That’s the real gift we have been given, the gift of uncovering what has been in the dark and behind closed doors. With that information, I and many others have had our eyes opened and have become involved at a rate not seen since the 30’s. There is of course a good analogy to compare the two times, as each was at a time of ‘high inequality of wealth’ and corporate owned government. It took the people then and it will take we the people again, to reclaim our government.

Hopefully, we will stay as involved and on-top of our government as we are now. The best outcome of Obama and democrat control in congress, does not mean we quit, and instead, I think means we need to work even harder and to not let voter apathy be a stain on our democracy. People all over the world fight to be able to vote and have a democracy, and yet we here in the USA are willing to lose our say in government by not voting and for not being an educated voter.

Facebook and twitter and the different alternative internet news and the blogs and sharing of information online has led to a time, when everyone has the chance to know what is really happening in our country and to share and learn from each other.

PLEASE VOTE THIS YEAR    I already voted, we vote by mail in our state, which probably is one of the reasons we have a high turnout of voting in our state.



091412  voter suppression223994_426361304075190_911321807_n      Our vote is like holding the world in our hands    PEACE AND MAY JOY AND HARMONY FILL YOUR LIFE


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