I ask that question with true wonder. After this election, I was so hopeful that our country could turn the corner on this election, and was hopeful that all the racist hate filled rhetoric would end. I was so very wrong. On top of that we have the GOP (speaker Boehner) with his ‘ we will raise no taxes on the rich’ rhetoric and we have Grover Norquist on election night, stating that no matter who wins this election, no taxes would be raised on the rich.  Are not they acting in ‘treason against the American people’?

Then today, of course there is the congressional inquiry into the ‘sexual affair’ that somehow trumps all the other issues in our country. What about jobs? What about funding help for the farmers that are suffering from serious drought? What about the veterans job bill? What about any bill that would help our country and the people? When do ‘we the people’ matter to congress? That said, what do we need to do to reclaim our government and enact a government for the people, by the people and of the people?

What this means, is that now is not the time to stop, no, now is the time to keep up the focus on our government and the issues. Now is the time to encourage more and more people to become involved in the issues and the government. We have a good start, now lets keep up the up swell of ‘people involvement’ and keep up with the constant scrutiny of all our elected officials. This has been done before, in the 30’s when the people came together much like now and they won, just like we also can.

What now? I would say, just more of what we have been doing for the last year. Sign those petitions, call those officials, send those emails and never stop searching for truth and sharing what you find. We the people have an ‘awesome voice’ if we but use it.

Keep up the good work everyone, and we will be successful in reclaiming our government from corporate dollar.

PEACE and may joy and harmony fill your life 422211_215049198623550_1360034932_n   graph about rights


One thought on “WHAT NOW?

  1. You have put your finger on the reason our government fails. Before the election Republican congressmen were interested in investigating the Benghazi consulate killing. Now it’s an even juicier item. The David Petraeus Affair. Both of these situations are distractions from the real issues of the day. Congressmen obtain more attention and these things allow them to find a way of not doing the really important things. Why? Because they will have to do some unpleasant things like reduce deductions, increase taxes, and cut the size of government.

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