I don’t know about you, but I would rather we go off the ‘proverbial cliff’ than have our president bend to any of the GOP demands. The president has the people behind him on this, and I sincerely hope he keeps his promise to raise taxes on the rich, and that would include carried interest and capitol gains going up to 20%(, but the GOP ran on a program that would eliminate all taxes on both of these)

Is it not almost treason to have ‘Grover nor Quist’ comment on fox news on the eve of the election, that in no way were the GOP going to do anything that the president wants and that taxes will not be raised on the rich and large corporations, and we then have speaker Boehner saying the same thing. Is this not almost treason against the people of the united states, that they would put the needs of the top 2000 people in the country over the needs of the 98% of the population?

After signing numerous petitions and sending emails to my senators and reps and to the president, all on the topics of not allowing any cuts to social net programs, to not touch Medicare, social security and Medicaid, what struck me most, is that its important to get as many people as possible to sign these petitions. That’s how we can enact the kind of change that will enable us to reclaim our government from the ‘extremists’ that have taken over the GOP Party. They are in all ways the gods of poverty.

Please do your part and sign those petitions you see on Facebook, or other sites and follow those links and don’t stop. Now is the time that if we keep up the energy, we can do, just as they did in the 30’s, and use our very powerful voice and stop the nonsense that has controlled our government for much too long. We have already accomplished so much, just look at the higher than normal turnout for voting, and that says so much about the will of the people. Now is the time for all of us that continue to research and follow the issues and read the bills and above all, keep up the energy, and keep those around you involved. In the 30’s they had limited media and still they were able to join together and demand and get good changes in our government, and it was good for about 50 years and then the rich started their quest to purchase our government and get the skewered tax policy’s that created a higher inequality of wealth than in the 20’s.

Just think, if they could do that in the 30’s without the internet and cell phones and Facebook and all the sites on the net that allow you to research and share with people all over the world. We have the ability to create lasting change in our country and in our world. We are the new media.




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