One thing that has troubled me lately, is the amount of people that are against taxing the rich. They all spout the same nonsense that if they are taxed, they will just leave and they already pay taxes. Always too, they have to comment that after all its socialism if we tax the rich more. I think that one always makes me laugh the most. Yet at the same time, I am worried and wonder just what it will take to get those still out in ‘fox news zombie land’ to understand that its just been 32 years of the ‘elite’ brainwashing them and lets face it fox news has been the main vehicle for the propaganda.

We need to return to the taxes and regulations prior Reagan, but getting rid of the bush era tax cuts for the rich and large corporations, would be a start. The next important thing to do is to once more tax all earnings as ‘income’, no more lesser tax on carried interest and capitol gains. The ‘elite’ and large corporations make their wealth using our public funded infrastructure and then see no reason why they should help pay for that same infrastructure.

The main question is, how do we change the mindset of those that are still so brainwashed, that they actually believe that those poor rich just don’t deserve to pay high taxes? 

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2 thoughts on “TAX THE RICH

  1. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics median family income for the 2009-2011 period was $51,027.00. Despite that low amount the GOP fights to preserve the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest among us. Whether it is small business owners or company paid salaries and bonuses, $250,000 is five times that median family income.

    Jobs have not been preserved during the past decade. Most of the things we purchase were made in another country. This situation has benefited businesses with higher profits.

    The question to ask your Republican friends is where are the jobs created by those lower tax rates?

    1. I agree with your comment and would add that it only makes the GOP rhetoric even more suspect. I read the other day that only 0.7% of our population makes over 250thousand a year, but can’t find the link so will say that is not a verified statement. I ask all the time, people that i run into that espouse the GOP party line, and ask where is the trickle down wealth and you are right about also asking where are the jobs.

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