This year as each year, will have its own memories for today. I would just like to take the time to say that we all as Americans have so much to be thankful for and for so many though, today was not happy and there was no turkey in the oven, and for many it was just another day in the lives of the working poor. I didn’t mean to imply that we should not still be thankful, just that its also a time to reflect on how we can help others to have as much to be thankful for.

Just a short 32 years ago, CEO’s were paid maybe 40 to 50 times the lowest employee ( I am sure that there were a few who made more) and now those same CEO’s are being paid 300 to 500 times the lowest employee. In plain facts there is not enough money to pay livable wages, because the CEO’s just took almost most of the money for paychecks for the employees. The plight of the working poor in our country is dire, they are overworked, paid min wage and see there paycheck cover less and less. They have no options but to take advantage of the ‘social net’ programs that we still have (not long if left up to those same said CEO’s, who are lobbying to cut all spending on social net programs and of course dismantle Social Security and Medicare) and suffer the pain of shame for not being able to adequately provide for your family. Sure they have a TV, sometimes no cable but if they have a computer, they can still find entertainment.  Too many times, the car insurance (no car- no job in many cases) and rent and utilities eat up all of their paycheck.

In reality the CEO’s are a big part of why we have such a large portion of our country of the working poor. All that is needed is to cut that CEO’s pay and instead pay the employees a livable wage. Our wages have stagnated for all but their elite in our country and they say that now we have less spending power from our paycheck than we did in 1968. If employees min wage had kept pace with the CEO’s, I believe that I read where it would be around 32 dollars an hour. That lack of spending power is what is killing our economy.

If those CEO’s of corporations were made to take the same amount of payroll money and divide it to the point that the CEO’s could only make 50 times the lowest employee, the only way to keep a higher salary is to pay the employees more. That could be accomplished by a penalty tax on those corporations that do not pay livable wages and generous tax breaks for paying livable wages and not outsourcing. There used to be tax policy’s like this before 1980.

We the people of this country came together and elected our president and I have faith that if we put our energy’s together, we can enact the kind of change needed in our country, that would have a future with livable wages and less inequality in our country






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