Just got done reading that we were successful with the petition that I was one of hundreds of thousands that signed. They are not going to use the chained formula for Social Security and that is because of the outpouring of Americans that signed petitions, emailed and called their elected officials and the President. I did all three and sometimes its so good to see that its all worth it.

That said, it doesn’t mean that I will be able to slow down or stop, but instead it shows me just how important it is to share my findings from research and to keep sharing with all I know, both online and offline. When I started this journey a little over a year ago, I never in a million years would have thought it would take me here. This passion I found in researching and sharing and yes, writing this blog, is a good thing.

My one doubt is always that I can not write good enough to get other peoples attention, as this battle to reclaim our government from those that want to own it, will take all of us. Our voice is loud but it will need to become very loud, for this to work. Some of the petitions I sign get hundreds of thousand signatures in only a few short days, and others not so well. That tells me how important it is to make our voice heard and to keep at it, until the whole country is yelling loudly and demanding change.

Never forget that in reality we are now the new media.

As always peace and may joy and harmony surround you in your journey303328_368720219862050_410276167_n



I just got done reading several articles on the poor in the ‘red states’ whose governor and legislative branch enjoy taxpayer health benefits, and yet refuse to grant healthcare to the poor. So many of the stories of the plight of those in those states made me cry and wonder what is wrong with our country.

Even before the ‘obamacare’ and the push to expand Medicare , these states already refused to help the poor with Medicaid or if they offer it at all, you are not allowed to make more than 2500 a year. Can you believe that? What I find so sad about all this, is that by opening healthcare to the poor, you actually start to reduce the costs of medical care and at the same time reduce the time off from illness and long term chronic health problems that lead to disability.  With their insistence that its to ‘costly’ to provide for the poor, they actually increase their medical care costs and also it adds to less revenue from those able to work and it hits hard disability from SS because without the care needed, it leads to long-term disability.

When medicare and medicade first started, the same ‘gop’ run states did the same thing and of course in time did provide for their states, but at the same time, restricted most poor from healthcare.  What will it take for the GOP party to lose control of these states? What will it take for the people to start demanding that if they are not able to get healthcare then neither should there state government.

There are many times lately that I am sad to be an American and feel deep shame for living in a country that only values the top 1% of the 1% and are willing to let the rest starve, go homeless and without healthcare. As the inequality raises in our country and we slide even further into a downward spiral, it’s becoming even more ripe for the kind of revolutions that always follow. Hopefully we can do with words what needs to be done.

I end this posting with the reminder that there is to be no healthcare for the poor in gop run states.

Peace and may next year be better than this.526825_10150886307576275_1719012336_n


Just got done with cleaning up and thinking about how blessed I am, with such a loving family, and then  could only wish and hope that others also know this blessing. Its not the money spent on the presents under the tree that count,it’s the ability to come together and share our love and presents for each other.

I was on a different site and was made so sad, when a woman posted that she could buy no presents this year, as there was nothing left after utilities and rent, and I wanted to cry. Truly didn’t know what to say, so said the truth,that I read her post with tears in my eyes and sorrow in my heart and that I hoped next year would be better for her.

So this wish is for everyone to have family and loved ones to share this holiday season and that next year, it will be better. I feel very selfish to say just how blessed I was and that our christmas was wonderful this year. My  children and grandchildren made the evening magical and even though my husband lives in a care home, I found a way to enjoy the blessing of a christmas eve spent with my children and grandchildren.

Please have a joyful holiday and I pray that you are with family and loved ones and my your best gift be one of peace and love and joy.


We need gun control in our country and the latest tragedies only underscore that fact. There were two separate ‘school attacks’ one in China and one in Connecticut. In China the elderly neighbor first attacked and the 20 school children were all injured and needed hospitalization, but they all lived, no dead, not even the shooter died, while in Connecticut, all died including 20 small children and 6 adults and his mother and the shooter. That’s big, isn’t it?

Everyone cries about ‘constitutional rights’ to bear arms and yet in the 1800’s in the usa, it was common for sheriffs to request that all guns be turned in and they got them back when they left town. Why in the world do we in this day and age need guns? To protect against the government is not a valid argument as our government has drones and the ability to listen in to all our conversations and emails and text mails and the police have tanks and high impact weapons, so that ‘gun’ you swear you need would not protect against any of the above.

What will it take before people demand gun control? Will it take a famous persons child or a politicians child being murdered by a gun, before we see results on gun control? 20 little children with their whole lifes ahead of them are now being buried by their parents and my heart breaks for them. We also need mental healthcare in our country and the ability for parents to get the care they need for their children, whether it be mental illness, autism, cognitive disorders and such. When Reagan started emptying the ‘mental healthcare’ system because it was for their ‘civil rights’ which translated to ‘it costs too much to take care of them’ our country started its spiral down of mentally ill that are forced to live on the streets and fill our jails and prisons and they ‘kill’.

Would strict gun laws have prevented this from happening? Yes it would have. If there had been the help this mother needed with her son’s disorder helped? Yes it would have.

I don’t pretend to have answers or how to accomplish what needs to be done, I just know that this has to stop.





I know I have talked about this before, but it really bothers me. For some reason, I thought that if we were able to get the president re-elected and as many democrats as possible into the congress, that it would all be over, boy was I wrong. Its really only starting and then I wonder how do we capture those people that are still unsure of what side to believe in? What do we do to keep the people interested and involved, because its going to take a majority of the people to enact the kind of change that is needed.

Someday, like today, when the different sites I go on are particular mean sported and downright ugly commenters I get really sad.  I had always know that not all areas of the country were like where I lived, I really never even dreamed that there was this whole sub-culture I call ‘fox news zombies’. These people are unshakeable in their ideas and they have been so brainwashed that even when faced with the truth about fox news, will still claim its really the truth and its only icky people like me that say otherwise, because we are jealous.

Most days I can end my research and travels on the sites I like with some little bit of confidence that enough people will wake up and see that the GOP plan for our country would be disastrous, but today, not so sure.

I guess it all boils down to keeping my energy focused on learning and sharing all I can and hope that somehow a seed will be planted that will encourage someone else to do the same thing and on and on. Maybe that is what is really meant when  I refer to  ‘we are the new media’.  Hopefully, we will be able to keep this movement going forward and do what in the past a movement called the ‘populist movement’ did and reclaim our government before its completely owned by corporate dollar. History has always been a favorite subject to me and it can teach us so much. Just the fact that we have gone down this road before in our history should actually give us all hope, because they succeeded and so can we.



223994_426361304075190_911321807_n   PEACE AND MAY AND HARMONY FILL YOUR LIFE


I know you have heard conspiracy theory’s spouted about almost anything, and I wonder if like me, you ever wonder if there is any truth to any of them?  To understand why those on the ‘downside of reality’ believe the way the do, I visit some of the sites that people like that seem to flock to. It doesn’t take long before its quite evident where these people get their ideas from. One such site I just got done visiting is promoting the ‘theory’ that the president will serve a 3rd term. Never fails to amaze me at the lack of any civic understanding of our government. Maybe its because of FDR that they get this idea, but at the same time, are they not aware that because of that there are strict laws concerning the two term limit?

Then I asked myself, why do they all seem to be so out of touch with reality? Is it from the corporate influence on our education and so they are so ‘ill educated’ to leave them unable to think on their own? Is it from the corporate owned media? All I know is that these people are so out of touch with reality that conspiracy theory’s resonant as truth and there is no changing there minds.

That doesn’t leave out the possibility that like I mentioned, there is not some kernel of truth in all conspiracy’s, but rather includes the possibility that these ‘conspiracy’ theory’s are developed to brainwash the ‘zombies’ that follow blindly what the corporate owned media and ‘politicians’ and render them incapable of hearing the truth.

Questions with no answers.