Ok, do I have your attention? I was turned on to this equation by a friend that is going to college and is in sociality classes. She said she thought of me, because so many times I am near to tears by the ‘deluded corporate fed masses’ and their inability to see that they have been brainwashed. What the equation means is this       10% are active activists and then the next 40% are in agreement with the 10% active and then we have the next 40% and they are undecided, which brings us to the last 10% and they are the resisters that no amount of argument is going to sway. See, I was going about it all wrong and wasting my energy on that 10% of resisters and should instead be trying to reach that 40% that are still undecided.

I haven’t written for awhile as the sadness from the crazies that still populate our country, was immense. Sadly, I really thought that the election of our president for a second term, would bring the people together, and instead it seems to have instead created this real divide in our country.

We have before as ordinary citizens, reclaimed our government from corporate avarice, but this time, because of ‘fox news’ and other corporate owned media, we have a large portion of ‘under educated and brainwashed’ people, that are part of the resister group and as it stands now is growing larger than 10%, so that now it will be harder to convince enough people to join with the 40% that back the 10% activists. I wish I had answers, but I don’t, I just have questions without answers.

Using that equation, means that I no longer try to convince those that are resisters and instead try to reach the undecided with passionate truths and links to follow, so as to further the cause of educating our citizens of this country. 

As always never forget that we are the new media and its up to all of us to share what we learn and try to reclaim our government from corporate avarice. 






One thought on “10-40-40-10

  1. So nothing has changed since Abraham Lincoln was president. Well, I knew that. After all, things haven’t really changed since 1776 and earlier. The American Revolution was the creation of the colonial wealthy who wanted freedom from taxation. They did an excellent job of packaging and selling the idea to the colonial public. Today those same wealthy people are faced with the internet. That is a technology that informs everyone.

    The Mother Jones video about the 47% would never have been known in prior times. You are correct. The last 10% (think Tea Party) are not worth the trouble of an argument. The Obama win proves that.

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