We need gun control in our country and the latest tragedies only underscore that fact. There were two separate ‘school attacks’ one in China and one in Connecticut. In China the elderly neighbor first attacked and the 20 school children were all injured and needed hospitalization, but they all lived, no dead, not even the shooter died, while in Connecticut, all died including 20 small children and 6 adults and his mother and the shooter. That’s big, isn’t it?

Everyone cries about ‘constitutional rights’ to bear arms and yet in the 1800’s in the usa, it was common for sheriffs to request that all guns be turned in and they got them back when they left town. Why in the world do we in this day and age need guns? To protect against the government is not a valid argument as our government has drones and the ability to listen in to all our conversations and emails and text mails and the police have tanks and high impact weapons, so that ‘gun’ you swear you need would not protect against any of the above.

What will it take before people demand gun control? Will it take a famous persons child or a politicians child being murdered by a gun, before we see results on gun control? 20 little children with their whole lifes ahead of them are now being buried by their parents and my heart breaks for them. We also need mental healthcare in our country and the ability for parents to get the care they need for their children, whether it be mental illness, autism, cognitive disorders and such. When Reagan started emptying the ‘mental healthcare’ system because it was for their ‘civil rights’ which translated to ‘it costs too much to take care of them’ our country started its spiral down of mentally ill that are forced to live on the streets and fill our jails and prisons and they ‘kill’.

Would strict gun laws have prevented this from happening? Yes it would have. If there had been the help this mother needed with her son’s disorder helped? Yes it would have.

I don’t pretend to have answers or how to accomplish what needs to be done, I just know that this has to stop.





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