Just got done with cleaning up and thinking about how blessed I am, with such a loving family, and then  could only wish and hope that others also know this blessing. Its not the money spent on the presents under the tree that count,it’s the ability to come together and share our love and presents for each other.

I was on a different site and was made so sad, when a woman posted that she could buy no presents this year, as there was nothing left after utilities and rent, and I wanted to cry. Truly didn’t know what to say, so said the truth,that I read her post with tears in my eyes and sorrow in my heart and that I hoped next year would be better for her.

So this wish is for everyone to have family and loved ones to share this holiday season and that next year, it will be better. I feel very selfish to say just how blessed I was and that our christmas was wonderful this year. My  children and grandchildren made the evening magical and even though my husband lives in a care home, I found a way to enjoy the blessing of a christmas eve spent with my children and grandchildren.

Please have a joyful holiday and I pray that you are with family and loved ones and my your best gift be one of peace and love and joy.



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