I just got done reading several articles on the poor in the ‘red states’ whose governor and legislative branch enjoy taxpayer health benefits, and yet refuse to grant healthcare to the poor. So many of the stories of the plight of those in those states made me cry and wonder what is wrong with our country.

Even before the ‘obamacare’ and the push to expand Medicare , these states already refused to help the poor with Medicaid or if they offer it at all, you are not allowed to make more than 2500 a year. Can you believe that? What I find so sad about all this, is that by opening healthcare to the poor, you actually start to reduce the costs of medical care and at the same time reduce the time off from illness and long term chronic health problems that lead to disability.  With their insistence that its to ‘costly’ to provide for the poor, they actually increase their medical care costs and also it adds to less revenue from those able to work and it hits hard disability from SS because without the care needed, it leads to long-term disability.

When medicare and medicade first started, the same ‘gop’ run states did the same thing and of course in time did provide for their states, but at the same time, restricted most poor from healthcare.  What will it take for the GOP party to lose control of these states? What will it take for the people to start demanding that if they are not able to get healthcare then neither should there state government.

There are many times lately that I am sad to be an American and feel deep shame for living in a country that only values the top 1% of the 1% and are willing to let the rest starve, go homeless and without healthcare. As the inequality raises in our country and we slide even further into a downward spiral, it’s becoming even more ripe for the kind of revolutions that always follow. Hopefully we can do with words what needs to be done.

I end this posting with the reminder that there is to be no healthcare for the poor in gop run states.

Peace and may next year be better than this.526825_10150886307576275_1719012336_n



  1. This is a well written piece. It appears that the GOP has no care about the poor. Poor people usually have no voice in the government. Herman Cain, he was a front runner for the GOP nomination at one time last year, said poor people are poor because they want to be. It’s an Ayn Rand idea that it’s every man for himself. Who idealizes Ayn Rand? Michele Bachmann and Paul Ryan to name just two influential members of the House of Representatives.

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