The president won his re-election and democrats were voted into many new slots in DC, but we still ended up with a GOP held house. That means we have the same old ‘GOP’ hardline going on and its obvious that they will not be deterred from destroying our country. Look at them, they still think they hold all the power, and in a way, they seem to do just that. Would it not have been more logical to expect that they would have been intimidated by their loss? Instead, because they ‘legally’ were allowed to change ‘election’ sites to ensure that they would not lose some GOP held seats and thus we once more have this GOP led house determined to destroy our country. What else would we think. ]

I find it very disturbing that even with ample proof of what would transpire if we were to cut needed safety net programs, that is what they seem intent on doing. That then begs the question, is that there real objection? Do they want to destroy our country, and then turn around and let there ‘owners’ finalize the deal to ‘purchase’ our country? That does sound more like a conspiracy theory than truth, right? Yet, we have every stated mission and that mission is to cut government spending. Of course, that spending is allowed for ‘defense’ and for restricting women’s rights, but not spending on jobs programs or safety net programs. Of course, then we must also cut SS and Medicare, even though SS can not add to our debt and Medicare only needs to be tweaked here and there to work ( allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices would help) and SS only needs the ceiling removed from payroll taxes.

How then do we the people, fight against this attack on our government and on we the people? The only way that is clear is to not give up. Keep on signing those petitions and emailing and calling the senators and reps in DC and yes, even the president. It’s the people that have the power to enact change, but it takes all of us. We have in our past, starting with our inception as a country and then again in the mid 1800’s and again in the early 1930’s, been able to band together and reclaim our government from corporate dollar control.

We can do it again, and that is worth repeating over and over, till we get everyone’s attention. It will be harder because of the great portion of our populace that was so successfully brainwashed by our corporate owned media, but we also have the power of the ‘net’ to counteract the ‘corporate owned media’. We are after all, the new media.

Still, it does seem as nothing has changed in DC and it can seem a little frustrating. So, that’s why I have doubled down on my research and at the same time joined a few more new sites and will try my best to keep sharing all I find and learning from all I converse with.

267463_409741669080411_173232826_n  just believe   I live my life this way and so wanted to share



We are the only ‘developed’ country in the world that does not mandate sick pay for employees, and of course they all have ‘healthcare’ for all the citizens. Not so here in corporate run America.  Were you aware that there are hospitals (way too many) that do not provide sick pay for their employees? This really hit home for me, as I now have the flue, like millions right now in our country. Hospitals in Chicago have to turn patients away and one hospital has a ‘tent’ to quarantine flu patients. The question is do they provide sick pay for their staff in these hospitals? My research tells me, that its quite possible that no, they don’t have sick pay. That hurts us all.

Corporations run our country and they run it only for their profit.  If I could ‘wish’ something, it would be that the CEO’s and Corporate owners would get the flue It would be good karma, if they had to pay for their refusal to instill sick pay and of course healthcare for their employees. Since all that seems to matter in ‘corporate run America’ is that they make more money, then I think it would be just for them to suffer for their ‘avarice’. 

I read a good article that said, before you go out to eat or go to the hospital or doctors office or to a store to shop, you call ahead and find out if there employees have ‘sick pay’ and ‘healthcare insurance’ and if they don’t, then of course boycott them. Because of Corporate America’s greed and control of our government, this new ‘mutated’ strain of flue is running rampant in our country. This could be prevented and would cost so much less just to have mandated sick pay and of course healthcare insurance. The loss of time off and the fact that all other employees and ‘customers’ all get sick and that costs more money.  \

Did I say how much I hate the flu, and that its been decades since I had the flu.  People will and have died and more will. The hospitals are full and we the the consumer are left with wondering if the server that just brought our dinner is sick, or the cook, or the clerk or even the nurse or doctor.   What will it take for American people to stand up against ‘corporate run America’ and demand we get what every other ‘developed’ country gives their citizens.

Since that won’t happen anytime soon, I do recommend that you call ahead and see if the ‘business’ or ‘facility’ has sick pay and healthcare for their employees, as that is the only way to protect yourself from getting ill.  How sad is that?

Peace and I hope so much  that you are able to avoid this flue. It’s a mutated strain, so that flue shot you may have gotten won’t protect you, and of course corporate run America won’t protect you either. 

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Can you believe it, as they were reporting on the NRA and Biden talks, it was interrupted to announce the shooting of a student in California.  Still, the gun crazies were all over the place, telling all that we just need to carry more guns and then it will be ok. In Utah, its legal for a teacher to be armed in the classroom, and the parents of the children will not know.

We need gun control and we need to lose the ‘wild west mentality’ and instead start thinking like 21st century, where guns are not needed. We don’t hunt for our food and we don’t have to defend ourselves from roving gangs. In fact, this obsession with guns is killing more people than any other method. Its beyond sad to read how many are killed daily in our country from guns. Why do we need guns?

I ask that question daily, and of course the stock answer, is it is our ‘right to bear arms’. That is not a right, not if it means that ‘murders and suicides’ happen daily from that so called right to bear arms. In the real  ‘wild west’ the sheriffs always confiscated all guns from newcomers to town and they didn’t get them back till they left. So, why is now any different from then? I have no answers and only questions. One thing I know for sure, is it does not make me feel safe at all, to know that all around me could and may have guns and they may use them, as after all, its there right to bear arms.

We need to lose this ‘wild west mentality’ and instead start putting priority’s with saving lives and keeping the tragedies that we have seen over the last few months from happening.538708_489275911096358_411196414_n  candle in darkness


Thats right, you read right. Speaker Boehner is on record as saying that they will just shut the government down, to get their way. What kind of ‘politicians’ actually think that its ok to blackmail the people and government just to get what they want.  Speaker Boehner also said that they have the peoples support for this, using a ‘flawed’ poll (same one that Romney used) that if the whole poll is used, contridicates the speakers assertion.

They also originally were going to not even bring into vote, monetary assistance for the states so impacted by the hurricane, but did relent and ok a partial fix.  Interesting to note that these are ‘gop’ run states and still the GOP in congress voted against ‘disaster’ funding. Thank heavens for the few GOP and all DEMs that voted to fund the flood insurance program. The delegation from Kansas, voted no to funding, and this while there state has a record of ‘tornadoes’.

Any thoughts that the GOP might have learned from the failed GOP presidential try, was dashed witht there continued hatred of our country and our government and the people. Speaker Boehner would rather  crash our economy and shut down our government,, than to pay the bills. That is what is at issue, here, paying the bills, that the house oked in the first place.

I hope that all Americans are aware of what is happening and that they will vote accordingly. For myself, i will start on Monday, with emails and phone calls and petitions to all my congress members and the president. If we all stand up and raise our voice, they will have to listen. 

Never did i ever think i would live to see such a dysfunctional GOP party, that we now have. They act with impunity and arrogance and at the same time, i am sure come close to treason against the American people.

The only way to change this is to vote them all out of office and keep voting in progressive politicians that promise to vote for the people and by the people, and not against the people, as the GOP do.

Peace and may joy and harmony and love surround you on your journey