Thats right, you read right. Speaker Boehner is on record as saying that they will just shut the government down, to get their way. What kind of ‘politicians’ actually think that its ok to blackmail the people and government just to get what they want.  Speaker Boehner also said that they have the peoples support for this, using a ‘flawed’ poll (same one that Romney used) that if the whole poll is used, contridicates the speakers assertion.

They also originally were going to not even bring into vote, monetary assistance for the states so impacted by the hurricane, but did relent and ok a partial fix.  Interesting to note that these are ‘gop’ run states and still the GOP in congress voted against ‘disaster’ funding. Thank heavens for the few GOP and all DEMs that voted to fund the flood insurance program. The delegation from Kansas, voted no to funding, and this while there state has a record of ‘tornadoes’.

Any thoughts that the GOP might have learned from the failed GOP presidential try, was dashed witht there continued hatred of our country and our government and the people. Speaker Boehner would rather  crash our economy and shut down our government,, than to pay the bills. That is what is at issue, here, paying the bills, that the house oked in the first place.

I hope that all Americans are aware of what is happening and that they will vote accordingly. For myself, i will start on Monday, with emails and phone calls and petitions to all my congress members and the president. If we all stand up and raise our voice, they will have to listen. 

Never did i ever think i would live to see such a dysfunctional GOP party, that we now have. They act with impunity and arrogance and at the same time, i am sure come close to treason against the American people.

The only way to change this is to vote them all out of office and keep voting in progressive politicians that promise to vote for the people and by the people, and not against the people, as the GOP do.

Peace and may joy and harmony and love surround you on your journey





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