Can you believe it, as they were reporting on the NRA and Biden talks, it was interrupted to announce the shooting of a student in California.  Still, the gun crazies were all over the place, telling all that we just need to carry more guns and then it will be ok. In Utah, its legal for a teacher to be armed in the classroom, and the parents of the children will not know.

We need gun control and we need to lose the ‘wild west mentality’ and instead start thinking like 21st century, where guns are not needed. We don’t hunt for our food and we don’t have to defend ourselves from roving gangs. In fact, this obsession with guns is killing more people than any other method. Its beyond sad to read how many are killed daily in our country from guns. Why do we need guns?

I ask that question daily, and of course the stock answer, is it is our ‘right to bear arms’. That is not a right, not if it means that ‘murders and suicides’ happen daily from that so called right to bear arms. In the real  ‘wild west’ the sheriffs always confiscated all guns from newcomers to town and they didn’t get them back till they left. So, why is now any different from then? I have no answers and only questions. One thing I know for sure, is it does not make me feel safe at all, to know that all around me could and may have guns and they may use them, as after all, its there right to bear arms.

We need to lose this ‘wild west mentality’ and instead start putting priority’s with saving lives and keeping the tragedies that we have seen over the last few months from happening.538708_489275911096358_411196414_n  candle in darkness



  1. What madness is this? Like a “Twilight Zone” story, we fear a handful of people who threaten our children and families with death just because of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. Even conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has said that reasonable gun regulations are constitutional.

    The death rate from homicides in the United States in 2011 was 4.7 people per 100,000 residents, according to the FBI. That same number is less than two in Canada, and in 2008, Britain had fewer than 40 homicides committed with firearms. Neither of those countries has seen a dictator take control of its government.

    Our obsession with guns is horrifying.

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