We are the only ‘developed’ country in the world that does not mandate sick pay for employees, and of course they all have ‘healthcare’ for all the citizens. Not so here in corporate run America.  Were you aware that there are hospitals (way too many) that do not provide sick pay for their employees? This really hit home for me, as I now have the flue, like millions right now in our country. Hospitals in Chicago have to turn patients away and one hospital has a ‘tent’ to quarantine flu patients. The question is do they provide sick pay for their staff in these hospitals? My research tells me, that its quite possible that no, they don’t have sick pay. That hurts us all.

Corporations run our country and they run it only for their profit.  If I could ‘wish’ something, it would be that the CEO’s and Corporate owners would get the flue It would be good karma, if they had to pay for their refusal to instill sick pay and of course healthcare for their employees. Since all that seems to matter in ‘corporate run America’ is that they make more money, then I think it would be just for them to suffer for their ‘avarice’. 

I read a good article that said, before you go out to eat or go to the hospital or doctors office or to a store to shop, you call ahead and find out if there employees have ‘sick pay’ and ‘healthcare insurance’ and if they don’t, then of course boycott them. Because of Corporate America’s greed and control of our government, this new ‘mutated’ strain of flue is running rampant in our country. This could be prevented and would cost so much less just to have mandated sick pay and of course healthcare insurance. The loss of time off and the fact that all other employees and ‘customers’ all get sick and that costs more money.  \

Did I say how much I hate the flu, and that its been decades since I had the flu.  People will and have died and more will. The hospitals are full and we the the consumer are left with wondering if the server that just brought our dinner is sick, or the cook, or the clerk or even the nurse or doctor.   What will it take for American people to stand up against ‘corporate run America’ and demand we get what every other ‘developed’ country gives their citizens.

Since that won’t happen anytime soon, I do recommend that you call ahead and see if the ‘business’ or ‘facility’ has sick pay and healthcare for their employees, as that is the only way to protect yourself from getting ill.  How sad is that?

Peace and I hope so much  that you are able to avoid this flue. It’s a mutated strain, so that flue shot you may have gotten won’t protect you, and of course corporate run America won’t protect you either. 

303923_10151044547616167_1681687232_n    about poor people and republicansI thought I would include this



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