Thats what it must seem like to the millions of working poor, who don’t make enough to even meet basic needs. Add to that the continued demonizing of the poor since Reagan started with his ‘welfare queen’, and the true picture of the living hell that is happening in the richest country in the world. 

Our levels of poverty are higher than when Johnson started his ‘war’ on poverty. Our levels on inequality of wealth are higher than they were in the 20’s, and the top 400 people hold more wealth than the bottom 150 million people do. 

While CEO’s have seen their wages skyrocket(prior to 1980 their pay averaged at 20 times lowest employee pay and now it ranges fro 350 to a high of 770 times lowest employee) employee wages have stagnated and are worth less now than in 1968. 

Hence, we have the working poor and they exist in a living hell, that doesn’t seem likely to end soon, and in fact with the ‘fiasco’ that is our current government(GOP-gods of poverty) and a president that tried to be a centrist and so far has been outflanked time after time by the insanity of the current GOP, it promises to only get worse. Those cuts to come will all come on the backs of the elderly, the disabled, children and the of course the working poor.

It is important now more than ever to stay involved and cognizant of what the issues are. I have sent multiple emails and made a few calls and signed numerous petitions, and hopefully more and more will join in the effort to reclaim our country from corporate interests and end the living hell of the working poor, with livable wages and safety net program that are designed to help up, not demonize.

Its all up to we the people. i leave you with the picture below and ask you to join me in the dream of reclaiming our country.  Peace and may joy, harmony and love surround you




30 years, thats all it took to tank the worlds economy and bring governments to their knees. It reads like a bad conspiracy theory as you track how we got here. It started with Reagan and Thatcher with their ‘markets are what drives the economy, not government. That also was the start of a world wide takeover of government by those of the far right. These people starting with Reagan and Thatcher were only there for the purpose of allowing corporations and the ‘global elite’ to have their taxes lowered, to privatize as much as possible(funelled towards their cronies) and to slowly but surely also create extreme inequality of wealth. 

How long will it take then to reclaim our government and the whole global economy from the clutches of this ‘extreme right and rigid’ politicians? When I read and realize that this is not just a phenomena of our country but of all the developed countries (except for Australia) and that so many countries are paying the price for this outright attempt by the global elite to buy the governments and continue with their mission of creating their own utopia where we the commons are kept at bay by their own ‘personal armies’   

It all sounds like a bad fiction story, doesn’t it? Sure would be nice if it were just a bad fiction and one that you never had to read. Instead the truth is that we the people are going to have to learn to use our voice and how to band together . We are going to need to stay involved and keep those around us involved, if we are to have a chance at winning this fight. And make no mistake this is a fight?  As always peace and may joy harmony and love fill your life.

30 years and that is all it took to create this chaos and destruction. Now its up to us to change this.Image

Being Poor in the Richest Country in the World

As I have been reading on the different sites and the different writers I like, one thing comes through over and over, and that is the ‘hatred’ so many in country have for the poor. Yes the try to hide it, but it comes through. They hide behind the ‘it will only make them dependent’ and ‘they just don’t work hard enough’ and this in a country where a worker at minimum wage must work between 71 to 88 hours a week to maybe meet basic needs. 

To be honest, it all makes me so sad, that I have trouble staying on for long, lately. That brings me back to my heading, being poor in the richest world in the country and then being told, that of course, its all the fault of the poor, the elderly, the disabled, and don’t forget the children, that our country is in debt. 

Sequester and want a fix, first thing is all programs that protect us from the averice of corporations, and programs like meals on wheels and wic all to be cut drastic and that doesn’t count all those that will lose food(snap) or housing (hud or section 8) or those that will lose medical.  

Our government has become so corrupt that they see nothing wrong with breaking the backs of the poor and shunting the elderly and disabled out the door and into poverty, hungry and homeless

Yes we live in the Richest country in the world and our poverty level now exceeds the levels in early 60’s and our inequality of wealth is higher than in the 20’s.  They could raise capitol gains tax and it would add to our revenue, but no, not in our country, instead lets let the poor get poorer and hungrier all so a few rich and greedy CEO’s and large corporations can get a whole bunch richer.






income-dispartity-chart plutocracyI am sad today and in fact not sure if that actually conveys accurately my feelings. Today it became clear the way our country is going to go. Did you also read where the president is most probably going with the chained cost of living for SS, which actually takes the benefits down even though expenses go up(in their thoughts, when cost of living goes up, the poor just learn to do without, so why give them any raises) If that wasn’t enough, its also apparent that either our country will go through with their fiasco of ‘sequestration’ and budget deficits.
This will destroy not only our country but the global economy. The whole world is begging our country to please not follow the GOP lead and to please at this time avoid ‘austerity cuts’ to the poor and middle class, as it will of course send us into a recession and quite likely a depression and then it will ripple out taking the whole global economy.

My one question, is why? Those in government must know how to read, right? Then why, even with stark evidence of what austerity cuts will do, then why are they going to institute them? Who does it benefit for the whole global economy to tank and become a depression to rival the great depression?
My next question, is this. Can we, the people, charge those in our corrupt government with treason against the american people. I leave you with that question and also this graph if i can upload it properly.   PEACE AND MAY JOY AND HARMONY FILL YOUR LIVES WITH LOVE