income-dispartity-chart plutocracyI am sad today and in fact not sure if that actually conveys accurately my feelings. Today it became clear the way our country is going to go. Did you also read where the president is most probably going with the chained cost of living for SS, which actually takes the benefits down even though expenses go up(in their thoughts, when cost of living goes up, the poor just learn to do without, so why give them any raises) If that wasn’t enough, its also apparent that either our country will go through with their fiasco of ‘sequestration’ and budget deficits.
This will destroy not only our country but the global economy. The whole world is begging our country to please not follow the GOP lead and to please at this time avoid ‘austerity cuts’ to the poor and middle class, as it will of course send us into a recession and quite likely a depression and then it will ripple out taking the whole global economy.

My one question, is why? Those in government must know how to read, right? Then why, even with stark evidence of what austerity cuts will do, then why are they going to institute them? Who does it benefit for the whole global economy to tank and become a depression to rival the great depression?
My next question, is this. Can we, the people, charge those in our corrupt government with treason against the american people. I leave you with that question and also this graph if i can upload it properly.   PEACE AND MAY JOY AND HARMONY FILL YOUR LIVES WITH LOVE


2 thoughts on “STATE OF THE UNION

  1. Well written commentary. I especially like the graph. However, you have to understand that the nation is burdened with a divided government. Unless there is a magician at work there will be sequestration and the chained cost of living for SS will be reality. The president has offered compromise in areas of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in the hope of gaining support for some of his other ideas. At this time the president has no choice. However, if the GOP controlled House fails to enact any of the president’s ideas they will pay dearly in the 2014 congressional elections.

    1. Hi, thank you so much for your encouragement and your kind words. I understand what you are saying about the divided government and the need for comprimise, its just so hard to see our country going down the wrong road. If at this time any austerity cuts are applied, I am afraid that it will not just stall our economy but plunge it back into a recession, if we are lucky and if not into a global wide depression. As my research gets broader, I have a better understanding, than I did, of the consequences of our entering another recession as the global economy is tied to ours. That our own government in the form of the GOP would promote austerity cuts, knowing full well what will happen is very sad and at the same time fills me with such anger, that in the name of politics, they would destroy not only our country but on a global scale. I would be interested in any ideas you might have on this and what we as the people can do to prevent this from happening Thank you so much for taking the time to read what i write

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