Being Poor in the Richest Country in the World

As I have been reading on the different sites and the different writers I like, one thing comes through over and over, and that is the ‘hatred’ so many in country have for the poor. Yes the try to hide it, but it comes through. They hide behind the ‘it will only make them dependent’ and ‘they just don’t work hard enough’ and this in a country where a worker at minimum wage must work between 71 to 88 hours a week to maybe meet basic needs. 

To be honest, it all makes me so sad, that I have trouble staying on for long, lately. That brings me back to my heading, being poor in the richest world in the country and then being told, that of course, its all the fault of the poor, the elderly, the disabled, and don’t forget the children, that our country is in debt. 

Sequester and want a fix, first thing is all programs that protect us from the averice of corporations, and programs like meals on wheels and wic all to be cut drastic and that doesn’t count all those that will lose food(snap) or housing (hud or section 8) or those that will lose medical.  

Our government has become so corrupt that they see nothing wrong with breaking the backs of the poor and shunting the elderly and disabled out the door and into poverty, hungry and homeless

Yes we live in the Richest country in the world and our poverty level now exceeds the levels in early 60’s and our inequality of wealth is higher than in the 20’s.  They could raise capitol gains tax and it would add to our revenue, but no, not in our country, instead lets let the poor get poorer and hungrier all so a few rich and greedy CEO’s and large corporations can get a whole bunch richer.






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