30 years, thats all it took to tank the worlds economy and bring governments to their knees. It reads like a bad conspiracy theory as you track how we got here. It started with Reagan and Thatcher with their ‘markets are what drives the economy, not government. That also was the start of a world wide takeover of government by those of the far right. These people starting with Reagan and Thatcher were only there for the purpose of allowing corporations and the ‘global elite’ to have their taxes lowered, to privatize as much as possible(funelled towards their cronies) and to slowly but surely also create extreme inequality of wealth. 

How long will it take then to reclaim our government and the whole global economy from the clutches of this ‘extreme right and rigid’ politicians? When I read and realize that this is not just a phenomena of our country but of all the developed countries (except for Australia) and that so many countries are paying the price for this outright attempt by the global elite to buy the governments and continue with their mission of creating their own utopia where we the commons are kept at bay by their own ‘personal armies’   

It all sounds like a bad fiction story, doesn’t it? Sure would be nice if it were just a bad fiction and one that you never had to read. Instead the truth is that we the people are going to have to learn to use our voice and how to band together . We are going to need to stay involved and keep those around us involved, if we are to have a chance at winning this fight. And make no mistake this is a fight?  As always peace and may joy harmony and love fill your life.

30 years and that is all it took to create this chaos and destruction. Now its up to us to change this.Image


2 thoughts on “30 YEARS

  1. While I agree that there is corporate greed, the issue is not as simple as your graphic defines. I take it that Oil Companies are a symbol for big business. If you really mean to identify Oil Companies then I will agree. Regional Environment Groups and Community Activists here in the Los Angeles area focus on many businesses and their success have denied business development that creates long term economic development.

    As I write this response I can identify two projects that would have be boon to the area.

    One was a Universal Studios project that originally included more available housing but the environmental groups killed the new housing part of the project. The new offices and film studios will now employ a work force that will have to travel longer distances to reach their jobs at the studio.

    The development of a large ranch property west of the San Fernando Valley was successfully stopped. It would have meant housing close to work in the Valley. Those new employees will have to travel greater distances to reach their jobs. It was a perfect example of “we have our homes in the Valley but we don’t want others to benefit.”

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