Thats what it must seem like to the millions of working poor, who don’t make enough to even meet basic needs. Add to that the continued demonizing of the poor since Reagan started with his ‘welfare queen’, and the true picture of the living hell that is happening in the richest country in the world. 

Our levels of poverty are higher than when Johnson started his ‘war’ on poverty. Our levels on inequality of wealth are higher than they were in the 20’s, and the top 400 people hold more wealth than the bottom 150 million people do. 

While CEO’s have seen their wages skyrocket(prior to 1980 their pay averaged at 20 times lowest employee pay and now it ranges fro 350 to a high of 770 times lowest employee) employee wages have stagnated and are worth less now than in 1968. 

Hence, we have the working poor and they exist in a living hell, that doesn’t seem likely to end soon, and in fact with the ‘fiasco’ that is our current government(GOP-gods of poverty) and a president that tried to be a centrist and so far has been outflanked time after time by the insanity of the current GOP, it promises to only get worse. Those cuts to come will all come on the backs of the elderly, the disabled, children and the of course the working poor.

It is important now more than ever to stay involved and cognizant of what the issues are. I have sent multiple emails and made a few calls and signed numerous petitions, and hopefully more and more will join in the effort to reclaim our country from corporate interests and end the living hell of the working poor, with livable wages and safety net program that are designed to help up, not demonize.

Its all up to we the people. i leave you with the picture below and ask you to join me in the dream of reclaiming our country.  Peace and may joy, harmony and love surround you



One thought on “A LIVING HELL

  1. Corporate boards determine the pay of their leaders. I never met a corporate board member who was not part of the wealthiest members of society. The club of the wealthy enhances their brethren. The poor have no voice. The rich don’t care about the poor. The rich care about sustaining their life style. The brightest and smartest of the poor find their way out of poverty. Those that remember when they were poor do help the less fortunate.

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