No matter how we might try, one thing is for certain, if we destroy our earth, we will be without a home. That seems like a self explanatory concept, right?

We have methane plumes happening in Siberia permafrost and Arctic permafrost, as it thaws. Couple that with highest ever carbon dixode levels unseen since before humans walked this earth and we have the makings of a tragic outcome. Both gases are flamable and at the same time, will leave humanity struggling to breathe.  If that wasn’t enough, we have highly radioactive waste flowing into the Pacific 24/7 from Japan. Then if you live in the NW, we also have to worry about the radioactive mess from Hanford reaching the columbia river. 

What is wrong with our governments? Why has corporate dollar been king and trumped all other concerns? Daily, I hear from posters that tell me, we can’t afford those EPA rules and all you ‘tree hugging’ liberal enviromentalists, and I reply back – what will you tell your children’s children, when the earth is not capable of sustaining life? 

The very sad truth is that we passed the tipping point long ago, and now if we are lucky, we may be able to still sustain human life, but only if we are lucky.

What happens when our oceans are radioactive, the atmoshpere catching on fire, our groundwater poisoned by years of ‘fracking’ and our soil will no longer grow crops because of all the GMO garbage from Monsanto?

Do we live in domed cities? Or do we die? Bottom line, we can’t make a new earth.





Its like its a repeat of 1936, when the GOP controlled congress convinced FDR to impose spending cuts, and of course it sent the country back into the depression. Yes, we didn’t have a depression, but we did just go through a recession that was very close to  a depression. 

Its not enough that the sequester cuts are in place, now both the Dems and the GOP are willing to cut even more so that they can have a balanced budget. Obviously, no one in DC knows how to read or ever picked up a history book. If they could read, then they would see that austerity measures haven’t worked so good in Europe or the UK, quite the opposite in fact. They are taking to the streets in Spain, Italy, and Portugal and protests are on in every other country. In the UK, they are paying for their ‘leaders’ wish for austerity with a 3rd dip back into a depression. 

On a humorous note, I read that Germany is having trouble with the exports that they depended on, since all the countries that surround them were forced to implement strict austerity measures, leaving no one with the money to buY Germany’s exports. 

Since we are a global economy, the far reaching consequenses of the austerity meaures in our country can and will effect the global market, also.  This could create a very scary domino effect and could lead to a global depression.

All this because the rich don’t think they are rich enough and need to bleed dry our economy until the poor are nothing more than beggers in the street like Mexico or any other ‘non developed’ country.

Our inequality of wealth is higher than in 1936 which of course makes these austerity cuts even more grim.