I ask that question because I am really concerned at the route our country is taking. How can we have a democracy when those that ‘we the people’ vote to represent us, DON’T?  What has happened in our congress just since the first of the year is scary, for want of a better word. Not one jobs bill and the same old tired ‘Ryan budget’ just on steroids and at the same time, they quietly voted to let the ‘congress insider trading bill’ expire and at the same time Speaker Boehner and the GOP are conspiring to find a way to allow the ‘keystone pipeline’(Boehner has 6 investments in the pipeline) without the President. They have passed their CISPA bill and the GOP in the senate were successful in stopping all gun control measures.


All of these issues are what 90%  of Americans want to happen and still those in government office refuse to abide by the peoples will.  That is one of the first steps of fascism, as are all the restrictive women’s healthcare decisions and the refusal to pass the paycheck fairness act for women. They are insistent on ‘securing’ our border and refuse to have any gun laws. They want to rig the voting and make it hard for those that won’t vote for them, to vote at all. We have a state (north Carolina) that wants to declare they are a ‘Christian’ state and other states that have taken over city management(Michigan) and even though the people voted against this ‘act’, after elections were over they waited less than a week and ‘voted’ this into law with a provision that makes it impossible to remove’   None of these acts are democratic.

I wish so much I had answers on how to combat this outright takeover of our country by corporations that would turn our country into a ‘fascist led dictatorship’  The one thing I do know is that ‘shining the light’ onto these actions does make it harder for them to succeed in their mission to own our government and the country. 579240_241009282676255_322821805_n   This link will take you to the 14 tenets of fascism  Its quite illuminating.


AS ALWAYS PEACE AND MAY JOY, HARMONY AND LOVE SURROUND YOU IN ALL YOU DO   thank you for the time it took to read this 



  1. We have a divided nation. The rich against the poor. The rural against the urban. The religious against the secular. It has probably always been this way in America. Somehow we have managed to survive and grow. We shall overcome.

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