In my opinion, the decision by congress to ‘allow’ money from other needed programs so as to not make all those rich people have to wait a little longer in line to fly, was a slap in the face to all Americans.  Top that off with the latest report on ‘airports’ in the world, and we don’t even make one of the top 25 airports in the world.  We need so much in this country concerning our infrastructure and airports are only the tip of what is needed.


All in the senate and a majority in the house voted for this FAA bill to allow them to have the budget needed to not only keep those lines not so long, but mainly to keep all those ‘small airports’ that the very ‘elite’ use with their private jets. It has never been clearer just how out of touch those in our government really are and the fact that in reality all that matters to our government is the very rich and large corporations. They could care less about the impact on ‘American people’ from these sequester cuts and austerity measures, and that in my mind is totally a slap in the face of the 98% of Americans. 

We the people need to remember that we are the true government and we need to unite and with our very powerful voice vote out all those in government that are not of the people, by the people and for the people and vote into office only those that truly believe in a government for the people and that means all the people, not just the top 1 or 2%.

I wish I had some magic answer on how to enact the changes needed or how to engage the American people to unite, instead of this malaise of apathy that seemed to occur over the last 3 decades.  One thing I do know for sure, is that its not going to be easy and its not going to get better without a fight on our hands(with words not violence) to reclaim our country from corporate ownership and instill once more a democratic government for the people.

Thank you for taking the time to read this

524137_261927163917800_432822142_nAs always peace and may joy, harmony, and love surround you.       


2 thoughts on “SLAP IN THE FACE

  1. It’s true. Many of the rich don’t care about the poor. However, not all. Bill Gates has started a fund that includes the wealth of many other wealthy people including Warren Buffet. Every city and town in this country has its share of people who do make an effort to help the less fortunate. Regrettably the congress is most interested in its own well being. The United States is not known as a nation known for its compassion. The United States is known as they nation of free enterprise where you can arrive and build a new business in just a few years.

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