It occurred to me the other day as I was talking with my friend, and were commenting on something I was looking to buy, and of course there was the ‘cheaper’ model and a good model, and when I said ‘well you get what you pay for’ It dawned on me how wrong that thought really  was. I don’t think I had ever really thought about it before and it got me thinking.

When did it become okay to accept poor quality and substandard service, because we are too poor to pay for the same product if it is made well? When did we decide that if you are poor then ‘generic’ prescriptions are available, leaving the ‘original’ prescription for those with money? When did we decide as a society that its okay to shortchange the poor and to give shoddy and cheap generic products and service? When did we as a society decide that if you are poor you are not as worthy as a rich person? 

By our acceptance of this, we have effectively created a subclass of Americans, you know the poor and working poor and the elderly, disabled and children that our society has deemed only good enough for the cheap knock off. After all if you are poor why should you get good products, good healthy food, good prescriptions and good service, has become the mantra of our country. Not only have we as a society accepted it, many see nothing wrong with it.

There should never ever have been a need to make ‘generic’ brands of prescriptions and actually of most everything, as there should never ever have been the mindset that poor people deserve lesser quality than the rich. Instead all things should be made quality and sold at reasonable prices. Of course that might mean that corporations can’t make quite the fortune they now make, but if they at the same time starting paying livable wage jobs, then more and more people could buy that which is for sale and in the long run make them just as rich.

So I ask you when did we as a society decide to settle for less?




  1. My father was the fourth child of very poor immigrants from Russia. Long before there was a Great Depression his family was poor. The Great Depression just made things a little worse. Despite his success in life, his constant concern was that there might not be a job tomorrow and no money for rent and food. That concern made him a saver of every dime.

    Thus generic drugs were always his choice. Whatever he bought it was always the cheapest model. Cars, clothes, house wares, you name it, he almost always bought the cheapest. We never missed a meal and never wore hand me down clothes but Dad could not forget his past. His famous words were, “It’s good enough.”

    That is the reason you shop at TJ Maxx, Wal-Mart, and other discount stores. We do live in fear. That is the reason as a society we do decide to settle for less.

    1. Your reply made me sad. We as a society should never have settled for a two party caste system. We are all equally important and should all be equally able to not have to settle for generic In fact generic should never have been created, since that then sells the message that if you are poor, you do not deserve the same as someone with money. Its a mindset that needs to be changed if we hope to enact change in our country and the world. We all deserve quality and we need to remember that. The rich and large corporations have succeeded in convincing a whole country that if you are poor, see we will make you a lesser quality pill or product or service, because of course the rich deserve better than the poor man. No, that is not the truth. The truth is that the rich and large corporations are ‘supposedly still human-lol’ and as such are no better than you or I. We can still have a society that believes in saving, but first we need to have a society that no longer puts the rich in a different ‘caste system’ than the poor and instead counts all people as equal and treats them as equal and that means that we no longer should settle for second base. You are worthy of having quality just as much as a rich person. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, it means a lot. Even though we might have differing opinions I wanted to take the time to tell you thank you and that I appreciate your postings and your comments Peace

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