Today was a day for history books, as a global wide demonstration against Monsanto was carried out in over 40 countries and over 250 cities worldwide and that is big. We need to all realize that our voice does count and when we unite that voice will be heard.


I was so hopeful that I would be ‘physically’ able to attend the protest in our city, but that didn’t work out so well, so did the next best thing and made sure to share with all I know both online and offline the protests and the sites that are available to educate and share foods that are known to be safe.

One other good outcome so far is the combined fight against the Keystone pipeline and its good to know that those in Canada are just as committed as we are in the USA to stop this ‘environmentally toxic’ pipeline. The only ones to profit are the investors and no one else. The ‘oil’ will be sold overseas and the only real benefit to our country are maybe 35 full time employees and added pollution(tar sands is more toxic when refined) and the very real risk of tainting our Midwest aquifer and thus the ‘essential crops’, not to mention the people that rely on that water to drink

Just recently in my state because of many just like myself, so far 3 of the coal trains that thought they could easily come down our gorge and there would be no outcry   They were wrong and we will fight and win the stopping of the other 3 companies that want to use open train cars full of coal 24/7 with 7 to 10 trains a day to a depot to ship out to Asia.  Double whammy for our lovely now, as first we would get the pollution from the coal trains and then the prevailing trade winds would bring us the ‘pollution’ from Asia from all the coal burning that will take place

We do count and we do have a voice and its important to realize just how important your voice can be. Please be an activist in any way you can, as its up to us to save our earth and save ourselves.

Peace and may joy and harmony and love surround you    as always thank you for the time it took to read this





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