There are days when I really question if there is anything that will change what is happening in our country. Too many times, after reading through different postings and comments, I end up so sad that I have to just walk away from the computer.

Yet, after what happened with the Monsanto worldwide protests, it is apparent and obvious, that we can make a difference and our voice does count. 

Its just that it still leaves me wondering, will it be enough? Will enough people wake up> and will the next protests for monsanto have even more protests and more people, or will it fade away?

I guess that is when I see that its so important to not give up. The future of our world rides on how involved can we get the population. Monsanto is only part of the problem, as the real problem resides in our corporate owned very corrupt government. Yes there are a few that are outstanding, but there number is few and the corrupted are many.

So, why try? Then answer has to be that if we don’t try, we will be losing a fight that we didn’t even try to win. We the people are now the true media and its up to all of us to remember that. Our corporate owned media is a machine of propaganda and can’t be trusted to factually report, especially since our ‘laws’ allow that the ‘news’ does not have to be true. Please join with me and others as we try to reclaim our government and our country and our earth from corporate interests, and never stop trying to make a difference. Our voices do count and when combined can create great things.Peace and may joy, harmony and love surround you 



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