Germany, after the First World War, framed the Weimar Constitution, designed to secure her liberties in the Western tradition. However, the President of the Republic, without concurrence of the Reichstag, was empowered temporarily to suspend any or all individual rights if public safety and order were seriously disturbed or endangered. This proved a temptation to every government, whatever its shade of opinion, and, in 13 years, suspension of rights was invoked on more than 250 occasions. Finally, Hitler persuaded President Von Hindenburg to suspend all such rights, and they were never restored.


The above paragraph I found online in reference to a speech by Justice Jackson in 1952, regarding president Truman’s attempt to take over the steel industry, that was striking.


I found this also online and think it pretty well describes our country

fascism  WHAT DO YOU THINK? 

May peace, joy, hope and love surround you on this journey through life


2013 OR 1960?

I ask that question after todays Supreme rulings on voting and on employee harassment, it is as if the ensuing years between 1960 and 2013, never happened. Add to that, the lone woman senator in Texas, trying to prevent draconian laws governing women’s reproductive rights, and the way that the GOP stopped it, is only one more indication of a very fascist leaning government.

Texas immediately put into law their voting bills that were judged unacceptable, until todays ruling. What is next? Are they going to take away our voting rights for women, next? What will it take for the people to reject what the gop are doing to our country?

Its as if the civil rights movement and women’s rights never happened, and that is scary. When I was a child, there were separation of ‘whites’ and ‘coloreds’ (that was the word then) and women couldn’t use birth control and abortion was illegal. I remember that time very well, and then I remember what it took to change all of that, and to see it all in shambles is beyond upsetting.

What will it take before Americans take to the streets as they are doing all around the globe?73768_350904491686733_535368584_n303384_245255778918272_303012385_n579240_241009282676255_322821805_nignore   reality


May Peace and joy, harmony and love surround you on this journey we call life   Thank you for the time it took to read this 


That’s right, the GOP(gods of poverty) have voted to cut 20 billion from snap, and at the same time, would like to drug test all food stamp users. So, they want to deny millions from getting food stamps, and yet want to spend millions on drug tests. 

Of course, this will cut the deficit/debt, right? No, it won’t and instead will actually add to the deficit/debt.  The reason why is that the cuts don’t just leave Americans hungry, it will also cut down the profit of the stores that now receive those food stamps, thus leading to lay offs and LESS, not more money going back as revenue. It has been proven that for every dollar spent on food stamps, it comes back as 1.77 revenue.

The only reason, then to cut SNAP, is to be able to award even more money to subsidies for big agra. That this will increase the deficit/debt is of no account to those in our government, as their only concern is for those that have bought their allegiance. 

At this time, with millions of Americans without jobs or even hope of a job, to cut basic food for these people, will be disastrous. It will force millions to be unable to eat, and since they then will have to use the little money they have for rent on food, it will at the same time increase homelessness. Does it matter to the GOP- not one bit.  They will only be satisfied, when we have no safety nets and no government assistance of any kind.

Did you also think like the GOP(gods of poverty) that if you cut SNAP, it will save money? Do you also think as they do, that by cutting aid, it forces all these ‘deadbeat hungry people’ to somehow magically find employment? Or is the bottom line, a way of getting rid of all those pesky Americans that are too poor to buy their own food, by starving them?

The majority on food stamps are ‘white Caucasian’ and the majority are children, followed by the elderly and disabled, and then the ‘working poor’. There is always going to be a very small percentage that ‘game’ the system, but is that a reason to deny food to all others?

In one of the worlds wealthiest countries, this kind of action is beyond shameful, and instead is disgusting. What kind of society refuses to provide basic needs to those unable to care for themselves? Are we just to allow whole swatches of our population to go hungry and also to be homeless?

Please take the time to contact your elected official in congress and ask that instead of cutting SNAP, they instead cease all subsidies to big Agra.



I ask that question, because by now it should be clear to all, after the last few weeks, that ‘we the people’ are spied on in every way possible. In fact, as it has been clear  over the last few years, ‘whistle blowers’ are not treated well, and in fact are subject to prosecution, it only adds to the subversive nature of a ‘fascist corporate run’ government.

When it was brought to the attention of the world, that the ‘usa’ didn’t stop with spying on the American people, they did this on a global scale. Germanys response says it best “they referred to the ‘American government’ as the new ‘stasis’ reminiscent of East Germany and their web of secret police, as they had just found out that their country was spied on at a much larger percentage. 

Although its not quite the same as ‘government’ secrets, it’s a little known fact that several states have bills making it a felony to ‘be a whistleblower’ at big Agra farming, which only adds to the reality of a ‘fascist police state’ mentality.

So many Americans response to all of this, is that after all, they are doing anything wrong, so what’s the problem with government spying and when told about the fact that ‘whistle blowers’ in all aspects of our country are subject to ‘being blackballed, shamed and shunned and prosecuted, there is always room in their minds to blame the people that told, rather than the corporations or government agency involved.

What should not only anger all Americans, and make them fearful at the same time, is that our ‘government security’ is outsourced to private corporations. That means that we the taxpayer, not only pay for the government to spy on us, we make a private corporation quite wealthy. There should never ever have been ‘private’ defense corporations, as these are programs and jobs that should be under the control of the government with proper government oversight.

Until Americans wake up and see what is happening, our corporate owned media will continue to poison American minds to keep them apathetic and not involved.  We that see the truth have a responsibility to share that truth with all we know, meet and converse with online. As always may love and peace, harmony and joy surround you



As I start my summer growing and planting of seeds, and watching and nurturing   and watering them, I am reminded that in essence, our words are like seeds of thought, and as such are very important.


Of course its not as easy to see the end results of planting thoughts as it is to see your seeds break through the dirt and become plants, ready to give joy as flowers and vegetables and herbs. Every time we open our mouth and utter words, we need to be careful so that we only grow positive ‘results’ and not ones that are negative.


That is why I take the time each day to research the issues and read the bills and budgets and all else that they do in government, so that I can in turn share with all I know both online and offline. We truly are the new media, so treat your words as if they were seeds and plant well.

Peace and my joy, harmony and love surround you on your journey through life.