As I start my summer growing and planting of seeds, and watching and nurturing   and watering them, I am reminded that in essence, our words are like seeds of thought, and as such are very important.


Of course its not as easy to see the end results of planting thoughts as it is to see your seeds break through the dirt and become plants, ready to give joy as flowers and vegetables and herbs. Every time we open our mouth and utter words, we need to be careful so that we only grow positive ‘results’ and not ones that are negative.


That is why I take the time each day to research the issues and read the bills and budgets and all else that they do in government, so that I can in turn share with all I know both online and offline. We truly are the new media, so treat your words as if they were seeds and plant well.

Peace and my joy, harmony and love surround you on your journey through life.



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