I ask that question, because by now it should be clear to all, after the last few weeks, that ‘we the people’ are spied on in every way possible. In fact, as it has been clear  over the last few years, ‘whistle blowers’ are not treated well, and in fact are subject to prosecution, it only adds to the subversive nature of a ‘fascist corporate run’ government.

When it was brought to the attention of the world, that the ‘usa’ didn’t stop with spying on the American people, they did this on a global scale. Germanys response says it best “they referred to the ‘American government’ as the new ‘stasis’ reminiscent of East Germany and their web of secret police, as they had just found out that their country was spied on at a much larger percentage. 

Although its not quite the same as ‘government’ secrets, it’s a little known fact that several states have bills making it a felony to ‘be a whistleblower’ at big Agra farming, which only adds to the reality of a ‘fascist police state’ mentality.

So many Americans response to all of this, is that after all, they are doing anything wrong, so what’s the problem with government spying and when told about the fact that ‘whistle blowers’ in all aspects of our country are subject to ‘being blackballed, shamed and shunned and prosecuted, there is always room in their minds to blame the people that told, rather than the corporations or government agency involved.

What should not only anger all Americans, and make them fearful at the same time, is that our ‘government security’ is outsourced to private corporations. That means that we the taxpayer, not only pay for the government to spy on us, we make a private corporation quite wealthy. There should never ever have been ‘private’ defense corporations, as these are programs and jobs that should be under the control of the government with proper government oversight.

Until Americans wake up and see what is happening, our corporate owned media will continue to poison American minds to keep them apathetic and not involved.  We that see the truth have a responsibility to share that truth with all we know, meet and converse with online. As always may love and peace, harmony and joy surround you



One thought on “FREEDOM?

  1. Hmmm, I do not see things as you. The United States is hated by people in many countries. There are people in this country that also hate the government and the people. The Boston Marathon bombers and Timothy McVeigh are perfect examples of the hatred here in this country.

    Senate Intelligence Committee lead members Dianne Feinstein (a staunch Democrat) and Mike Rogers (a staunch Republican) both say that the NSA is acting legally and both contend that their have been real benefits to the agency’s actions. Both have appeared together on many news interview shows to repeat their opinion that everything is done properly, legally and with the best interests of every American. Is there any evidence that they have ulterior motives?

    CNN pointed out one example. This was also reported in the New York Magazine and on CBS News. The email monitoring program called PRISM stopped Najibullah Zazi from blowing up backpacks in the New York City subway. The CNN report showed the email where Zazi sent an email asking for instructions on bomb building. He included his phone number in the email.

    When I applied for Social Security my monthly payout was increased by $100 because I am married. The Social Security worker not only named my wife, she gave me her birth date. I merely confirmed the information. The president was George W. Bush when this occurred.

    Writing a check for $13,000 or more? The banks are required to report those transactions to the Treasury Department. This is nothing new. It is a policy that has been in place for decades.

    If the next bomber is at the Hollywood Bowl (seating 10,000 people) will you want to know why the government didn’t connect the dots that could have stopped the bombing?

    My opinion: this just a media frenzy.

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