That’s right, the GOP(gods of poverty) have voted to cut 20 billion from snap, and at the same time, would like to drug test all food stamp users. So, they want to deny millions from getting food stamps, and yet want to spend millions on drug tests. 

Of course, this will cut the deficit/debt, right? No, it won’t and instead will actually add to the deficit/debt.  The reason why is that the cuts don’t just leave Americans hungry, it will also cut down the profit of the stores that now receive those food stamps, thus leading to lay offs and LESS, not more money going back as revenue. It has been proven that for every dollar spent on food stamps, it comes back as 1.77 revenue.

The only reason, then to cut SNAP, is to be able to award even more money to subsidies for big agra. That this will increase the deficit/debt is of no account to those in our government, as their only concern is for those that have bought their allegiance. 

At this time, with millions of Americans without jobs or even hope of a job, to cut basic food for these people, will be disastrous. It will force millions to be unable to eat, and since they then will have to use the little money they have for rent on food, it will at the same time increase homelessness. Does it matter to the GOP- not one bit.  They will only be satisfied, when we have no safety nets and no government assistance of any kind.

Did you also think like the GOP(gods of poverty) that if you cut SNAP, it will save money? Do you also think as they do, that by cutting aid, it forces all these ‘deadbeat hungry people’ to somehow magically find employment? Or is the bottom line, a way of getting rid of all those pesky Americans that are too poor to buy their own food, by starving them?

The majority on food stamps are ‘white Caucasian’ and the majority are children, followed by the elderly and disabled, and then the ‘working poor’. There is always going to be a very small percentage that ‘game’ the system, but is that a reason to deny food to all others?

In one of the worlds wealthiest countries, this kind of action is beyond shameful, and instead is disgusting. What kind of society refuses to provide basic needs to those unable to care for themselves? Are we just to allow whole swatches of our population to go hungry and also to be homeless?

Please take the time to contact your elected official in congress and ask that instead of cutting SNAP, they instead cease all subsidies to big Agra.




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