2013 OR 1960?

I ask that question after todays Supreme rulings on voting and on employee harassment, it is as if the ensuing years between 1960 and 2013, never happened. Add to that, the lone woman senator in Texas, trying to prevent draconian laws governing women’s reproductive rights, and the way that the GOP stopped it, is only one more indication of a very fascist leaning government.

Texas immediately put into law their voting bills that were judged unacceptable, until todays ruling. What is next? Are they going to take away our voting rights for women, next? What will it take for the people to reject what the gop are doing to our country?

Its as if the civil rights movement and women’s rights never happened, and that is scary. When I was a child, there were separation of ‘whites’ and ‘coloreds’ (that was the word then) and women couldn’t use birth control and abortion was illegal. I remember that time very well, and then I remember what it took to change all of that, and to see it all in shambles is beyond upsetting.

What will it take before Americans take to the streets as they are doing all around the globe?73768_350904491686733_535368584_n303384_245255778918272_303012385_n579240_241009282676255_322821805_nignore   reality


May Peace and joy, harmony and love surround you on this journey we call life   Thank you for the time it took to read this 


One thought on “2013 OR 1960?

  1. This nation is so very divided. What you see as injustice others see as the right thing to do. The folks in Greenville, Texas (I was there on business for two weeks about 30 years ago) have an entirely different perspective of right and wrong. I would doubt that anything has changed in that bible belt community where blue laws prevailed. The population has grown by 3,500 people since then. If you are not in church on Sunday morning the minister will seek you out.

    The GOP? It stand for one of the following or probably all of these
    Greed Oil Pollution
    Gluttons Of Power
    Greedy Old People
    Golf Oil Prostitutes
    Georgia Oklahoma Pigs
    Global Oppression Party

    I do like your “RESIST SILENCE IS CONSENT” icon.

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