Germany, after the First World War, framed the Weimar Constitution, designed to secure her liberties in the Western tradition. However, the President of the Republic, without concurrence of the Reichstag, was empowered temporarily to suspend any or all individual rights if public safety and order were seriously disturbed or endangered. This proved a temptation to every government, whatever its shade of opinion, and, in 13 years, suspension of rights was invoked on more than 250 occasions. Finally, Hitler persuaded President Von Hindenburg to suspend all such rights, and they were never restored.


The above paragraph I found online in reference to a speech by Justice Jackson in 1952, regarding president Truman’s attempt to take over the steel industry, that was striking.


I found this also online and think it pretty well describes our country

fascism  WHAT DO YOU THINK? 

May peace, joy, hope and love surround you on this journey through life


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