With all the corporate owned media frenzy over where Snowden is going and which country will give him asylum, the message is conveniently forgot. 

I hear from so many, why did this man leave our country, before he told about the our government outsourcing the spying on all American people to a private corporation. The answer is because the message would have never been heard, he would have been silenced, just as surely as those few in congress that are questioning the right of our government to spy on the American people, are being silenced.

That our president would then turn around and make a complete fool of himself, with his all out bullying of other countries, just makes it worse. The truth of what Snowden is saying is then confirmed by our governments response. That our country would then try to bully the world into not accepting Snowdens plea for asylum is quite hypocritical, seeing as how they have given asylum to many through the years.

The true message that is not being talked about, is the fact that a private corporation has been given cartblanc to spy on all Americans with no congressional oversight. That should outrage all American’s, and its not. What will it take for the people to wake up and realize that giving up our civil rights and freedoms for an illusion of security, is a one way ticket to a corporate owned fascist government.

So, as the charade continues to play out, no one is even concerned about this. Why not? Think about it for a minute, and ask yourself, why should a private corporation be allowed to spy and keep data on all Americans and all international spying? Gee, whatever could go wrong with a private corporation and defense working together, without congressional oversight and without the peoples knowledge?

This is not how a democracy works and I am sad that so many Americans are so eager to give up a democracy.

73768_350904491686733_535368584_n544251_226522067458310_472356890_n524137_261927163917800_432822142_nAs always peace and may joy, love and harmony surround you.


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