For instance, if I say welfare and SNAP, you instantly think oh no, those greedy poor people, but if instead I say ‘investing in a countries resources’, then it’s a good reaction. The most important resource  a country has, isn’t the corporations, the rich people, the government or even the country, no, the most important resource are the people.

Investing in the people enriches everyone, and has a good return on the dollar investment. Do you see what I mean when I say that a word changed can make all the difference. So many people get all hung up on their tax money going to help poor and possibly lazy no good people, but if instead you talk of investing that tax money and getting a good return for your investment, it sounds quite different doesn’t it?

For every dollar invested, there is a return of 1.77. Not too bad of investment, is it? Not going to get rich of that investment, but you will not lose ever. So, welfare or investing in the people, are both the same, but one has a good conation and one is looked at with disdain. Why?

When did those in our country forget that  the most important investment a country can make is to invest in the people. We aren’t really giving away anything, since there is always a return of at least 1.77 for every dollar spent. Then why this effort by GOP and corporations to rid our government of investing in the people? I think its because they want all that money for themselves and really don’t care about investing in anything that would be good for the people or for that matter the country.

Its good to invest in the people and as stated, it also has a good return monetarily, not just in helping the people to have better lives. We could and should take all steps necessary to make poverty a thing of the past. We live in one of the worlds wealthiest countries and still the government and the people are unwilling to invest in the people. 

Investing in the people is not welfare.



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