I know that I have written before about working for the common good, but was reminded anew the last few days, of how few in our country remember what it means. Since I visit many sites in my daily journey of research, I run into some very interesting and sometimes rather scary opinions and replies to comments, and its very apparent that a very large swath of our country and to some extent the world, really don’t know what working for the common good means.

It seems to be in the mid 30 to 45 age group that is most severely lacking in the knowledge of what working for the common good means. That make sense, since they were the first generation to be so indoctrinated by ‘corporate owned global media’  while we the adults at the time, were so busy trying to survive, that we took a 3 decades long nap. Well the sleeping giant is waking up world wide and now its time to salvage what we can of the ‘lost and corporate owned’ swath of populace.

We can only accomplish that if we remember the reasons why to fight for the common good. We all suffer global wide, when we have rampant poverty and such high inequality of wealth. Right now the corporations and few global elite are trying very hard to douse any embers of ‘working for the common good’, because that is not good for them. Which in a way is really not true, but in their avarice, they can’t see that by creating such widespread poverty and a dearth of wages, there is becoming fewer and fewer people that are able to buy what they have for sale.

In my readings, I ran across an interesting article that put forth the ‘theory’ that every 75 to 80 years the few elite and corporate interests gain control of government and rigs the playing field in their favor and then it takes about 10 to 15 years after they gain that control, for the people to wake up and either revolt without violence or with extreme violence. Twice before in our history, this transition was accomplished with peace, but the revolt that won our freedom from England’s corporate control, was very violent. Then we have to only look at what transpired in France, when the heads of the royalty were cut off and other time periods through our written history to see that it’s a theory with some fact behind it.

When will we the people of the world be able to cut loose the oppressive and harmful control of corporate interests and elite wealth? We don’t need them, but they can’t survive without us. Maybe that is why they work so hard to keep the masses afraid of others and to keep them from working together for the common good. That’s probably also why they are world wide trying to privatize any and all needed ‘social net programs’ and basic utilities and basic water rights, as they know that keeps the public without recourse to obtain the needed reforms and help for those less fortunate. It is really not in their ‘mindset’ to allow that working for the common good is a good thing.


524137_261927163917800_432822142_nIts time for the sleeping giant to awaken


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