That’s right, those ‘extremists’ in our congress want to shut the government down. Of course it doesn’t hurt them in anyway. They will still get paid(and even if they didn’t get paid, over 50% are multimillionaires) still receive their subsidized healthcare, and receive their ‘food stipends’ and their free transport. 

Yet for those in government jobs and the military personal will not get paid. In fact those in government jobs will not only still have to come to work, without pay, but they are now saying that unlike in the shutdown or 95/96, there will be no ‘retroactive back pay’ security. We will see longer lines for airlines and some smaller airports may close because of the lack of air traffic controllers. We will not have any security as to the safety of our food and air and prescription drugs.

They will do anything to obtain their goal of denying Americans a chance at healthcare insurance and food security and they are so proud of that, that they had a ‘party’ to celebrate their continuing funding that leaves out funding for ‘obamacare’, keeps the sequester cuts in place and make the ‘Monsanto protection act’ permanent.

These people in congress that make over 3 times what the average American makes, are determined to destroy our government (they call it the beast) and in the process are ecstatic about the loss of healthcare and food security. One can only hope that this will finally be what it takes to wake Americans up to the extreme agenda of these ‘pretenders of democracy’ the GOP(gods of poverty) have become.

Think about that for a minute- while they vote to deny Americans healthcare insurance= they have subsidized healthcare insurance-when they vote to cut SNAP by billions, they increased by more than the cuts to SNAP, the farm bill(over 10 in congress profit personally from those farm subsidies) and when they vote to ‘shut the government down’, they still will receive their pay and all those benefits that they so enjoy.

Our only hope for this country is for Americans to wake up and say enough and mean it.

As always thank you for the time it took to read this  Peace




What many don’t know is that when the house chose to separate the ‘farm’ bill from ‘snap and food aid’, they also chose to increase drastically the funding for ‘farm subsidies’. What is entirely revolting about this action, is that ten of those reps that chose this route are recipients of those farm subsides. When they voted to increase that funding and separate it from SNAP, they then turned around and cut SNAP funding and at the same time made it harder to qualify. They cut all funding for job training and job placement and then at the same time put a ‘qualification’ of allowing childless adults only 3 months (lifetime) benefit and if they can not find work they will be denied benefits. Anyone else see the ‘evil’ in that measure? At this time there are 3 to 4 times the unemployed as jobs available. They also included in the SNAP bill the ability of states to choose to kick people off of food stamp help and use that money anyway they choose.

Not only will this leave many people hungry, but the impact on our economy will be huge. Of course these people will use what ever meager funds they have to eat, which means that transportation costs, housing and utilities will not be funded. This will mean that first the grocers-farmers-food manufactures will see a decline in their revenue. Then the landlords, gas stations, stores, and utilities will feel the pain and that will also lead to less revenue and more layoffs.

Yet at the same time, all those GOP(two democrats also joined in with those GOP) have income that is around 3 times the average American wages and they also get a food stipend voted to increase farm subsidies and at the same time enrich those ten reps who benefit from the increased subsidies. Those actions should be illegal and considered insider trading, but several months back those same GOP Reps voted to let the bill expire that made it illegal to gain monetary benefits from instances like the above. 

At the same time that our country(again the wealthiest country in the world) India issued a new mandate that says all people are guaranteed food to eat. They are not a wealthy country and yet they care more about the poor than our country does. What does that say about our country?

I wish I had some magic solution, but I don’t. All we can do is to fight this by calling and emailing our reps and senators in DC and yes the president. Sign those petitions you see on Facebook and Twitter and join together to unite our voice and reclaim our government from corporate interests. We may not have money, but we have something better-we have the power of the numbers-ie: 1% (elite few and large corporations) and the 99% and that would be us.

One of the best tools we have in our favor is the ability to share information with each other. Knowledge is power and the more we know and share the better our chance of winning this all-out fight against those that would destroy our country and government to satisfy their greed.  Please share what you learn with everyone and make sure that all you know are aware of the reality of what is happening in our country. We shall not go quietly into the night.

Peace and as always thank you for the time it took you to read this. May harmony, joy and love surround you




Thats right, we live in the worlds wealthiest country and yet our poverty rate is now higher than in the 60’s and we have the highest rate of poverty of all of the developed countries. How can that be? Well, the rich in our country and large corporations have taken the wealth of our country and they are hoarding trillions offshore and use loopholes that would have brought in over 40 billion dollars  in just last year. Ironic to note that the house is now voting to decrease food stamps (SNAP) by 40 billion dollars.

We need for the tax policies on the rich and large corporations to be increased to a level that is prior 1980. We need to raise our min wage to a livable wage, which in of itself would decrease the need for government aid and at the same time be a boost to our economy. Another way to boost our economy would be to lower the early retirement age to 60, thus opening up doors for the young to fill the new jobs. We need to eliminate the ceiling on SS payroll tax and at the same time raise the benefits. We need medicare to be open to all with means tested premiums and co-pays. All of these are common sense approaches that would help lower the inequality of wealth in our country and at the same time be the boost needed to get our economy back on track.

Instead we have a congress full of millionaires and many of them with their hand out for government subsidies-such as farming and big oil- and a party so full of hate (GOP-gods of poverty) that they will do anything to destroy our government, our country, crash our economy and leave people mired in poverty, all because there is a ‘black colored’ man in the white house. 

How do we change this? There are no easy answers, except to stay engaged in the process, write and call your rep and senator in congress and the same with your home state government. Take part in signing those petitions as they do make a difference. Vote and educate all around you on the issues and the candidates. 

If you are reading this, then you are already questioning what is going on in our country and trying to find answers and ways to enact change. We have done this before in the history of our country. Once in the ‘Robber Barons’ time and in the ‘gilded age’ time period, when we the people united our voices and fought back against the corporate and elite control of our government. We now have a higher rate of inequality of wealth than we did in the 20’s and we all know how that ended. 

I do all this-constant research-reading all the right-wing articles(to better understand why those in our country act the way they do) commenting and posting on many sites and of course writing this blog, in the hope that others will be awakening and start doing their own research.

Thank you for the time it took to read this and I hope you are surrounded by peace, harmony and of course love.



I ask that question often as I read through the comments and articles that I like to peruse. Read the other day that a poll was taken and 50%  of those polled thought it would be a good idea to not raise the debt ceiling, and it amazed me. For one thing, the raising of the debt ceiling has nothing to do with future spending, but rather paying for what congress approved to spend a year ago. So, not paying those bills is like having a ‘mortgage balloon payment’ and when it comes due, you tell the mortgage company that unless they lower your bills for next year, you refuse to pay it. You think that would fly? Of course it wouldn’t.

What the GOP are doing is no better than blackmail and because so many Americans have no idea how the government works, they buy into the rhetoric. The spending budgets come out of the house and when you approve those budgets, that means in a year you have to pay for them.  If they shut the government down, as they so want to, it will cost we the people the most. It will incur higher interest payments and at the same time we risk losing our credit rating and of course all those military personal and SS and Medicare payments that will not be paid will be very damaging to our economy.

This all comes back to the fact that so few Americans realize how our government works. The president is limited to his ability to do much as it is really the congress that has the control and where the bills and budgets come from. The house is the one that is to make the budgets and where the spending originates from and because we have people in government that don’t know how it works(we need to give civic tests to all incoming freshman senators and representatives) and at the same time consider that government is bad and less government is good. Doesn’t work that way. We now have the most corrupt do-nothing congress of all time, far outpacing the do- nothing congress under Truman.

Our debt/deficit is going down at a faster rate not seen since Eisenhower, and so the talk of spending cuts and austerity measures that the GOP (gods of poverty) are using as blackmail to raise the debt ceiling to pay the bills they okayed for the year are just blackmail, plain and simple.

As always thank you for the time it took to read this and may your day be filled with peace, harmony and love



On August 13 I had a surgery to repair a hernia. it was in the short stay surgery- got there at 9 AM and left at 6 PM.  Not going to lie, the next few weeks were a little rough but by now, I am almost back to my old self, minus the pain the hernia was causing. They did have to make an incision, but its not too very long and it was closed with ‘super glue’ so no stitches and no staples. I go back for my final dr apt on the 11th and I will be done.

In 1999, my husband and I had moved to Florida and we  both had jobs at a resort hotel on the beach. Yeah-we were living the life LOL  Unfortunately neither of us had healthcare coverage and thus no access to a doctor, other than the ER. One day at work I doubled over in pain and went to the ER,. The ER doctor looked at me and then told the nurse to give me a double shot of morphine to shut me up and send me home. I well remember his telling the nurse how much he hated those ‘people without insurance, like myself’ taking up the ER time that could be better spent on those that could pay. He sent me home to die-I had a hernia that had allowed my intestines to slip through and was strangulating. 

Once home, for a solid week I threw up ‘not bile, but shit’ and refused to go back to that ER. It took my oldest daughter(a nurse) calling my husband and telling him that either he took me to the ER or she was calling 991 herself. So, I relented and went back to that same ER.,  Wouldn’t you know it, the same ER Dr was on duty, and when he saw me- he said with a sneer, didn’t I tell you to not come back here?  I threw up all over him(and yes- that does give me some perverse pleasure- and it was obvious to all what I had just threw up.  They all got very white faced and had a N G tube down my nose and up to x-ray within the hour and scheduled for emergency surgery withing the next few hours. It was a complicated surgery and I have a scar that runs all up my stomach and it was closed with staples. I was in the hospital for 13 days and it was touch and go for awhile. The surgeon was good and of course I made it. It took over 6 months to get my strength back and the scar is not pretty.

See the difference? With good healthcare insurance I have access to my primary care doctor who caught the hernia before it was any danger and had me into a specialist within the week and surgery the next week. The amount of money saved is enormous and the amount of down time is nil compared to the surgery in 1999.  This is why we need healthcare for all. 

The surgery in Florida was picked up by the hospital as I am sure they were worried about a lawsuit.  


I will enclose the link that I used for this posting at the end.  In the early 30’s the people were just as tired of war as now, and so they railed against any involvement. Many refused to believe that there were ‘people’ being exterminated and at the same time, the corporations refused to stop selling oil and weapons to those countries that were hand in hand with Germany. So, just like then, we have the people and congress unwilling to enforce the ban on chemical warfare.  No sane person ever wants war, but what good are sanctions and bans, if they are not enforced?

As my daughter put it, if you tell your toddler not to do something, do you allow it to happen without ‘enforcing’ your ‘rules’, what happens? Is this not in a way the same comparison? What good are rules and bans if there is no teeth to it? As it stands now, what many Americans don’t understand is that as commander in chief of the military forces, the president can without congressional approval implement a ‘limited’ strike against the offending country to uphold and enforce the ban on chemical and nuclear warfare. 

I realize that my views differ from many Americans that want only to avoid all contact and thoughts of what is transpiring  in the world and have no thought of ‘responsibility’ to enforce the ‘world-wide’ bans that most countries signed(Syria did not sign) After watching a few of the you-tube videos on CNN(don’t usually watch that very biased news station, but they did offer the best views of the videos) how can anyone condone what has happened there? What will it tell the worlds dictators if they find there is no ‘reprisal’ for ignoring the ban on chemical warfare?

There are no good and clear answers but if you as I do, feel that we have an obligation to enforce these bans, without involving ourselves in their civil war, then in my mind, we have a clear responsibility to protect those innocents by enforcing that ban.

Peace and may there someday be an end to the ‘despots’ that destroy their countries all in the name of power.