On August 13 I had a surgery to repair a hernia. it was in the short stay surgery- got there at 9 AM and left at 6 PM.  Not going to lie, the next few weeks were a little rough but by now, I am almost back to my old self, minus the pain the hernia was causing. They did have to make an incision, but its not too very long and it was closed with ‘super glue’ so no stitches and no staples. I go back for my final dr apt on the 11th and I will be done.

In 1999, my husband and I had moved to Florida and we  both had jobs at a resort hotel on the beach. Yeah-we were living the life LOL  Unfortunately neither of us had healthcare coverage and thus no access to a doctor, other than the ER. One day at work I doubled over in pain and went to the ER,. The ER doctor looked at me and then told the nurse to give me a double shot of morphine to shut me up and send me home. I well remember his telling the nurse how much he hated those ‘people without insurance, like myself’ taking up the ER time that could be better spent on those that could pay. He sent me home to die-I had a hernia that had allowed my intestines to slip through and was strangulating. 

Once home, for a solid week I threw up ‘not bile, but shit’ and refused to go back to that ER. It took my oldest daughter(a nurse) calling my husband and telling him that either he took me to the ER or she was calling 991 herself. So, I relented and went back to that same ER.,  Wouldn’t you know it, the same ER Dr was on duty, and when he saw me- he said with a sneer, didn’t I tell you to not come back here?  I threw up all over him(and yes- that does give me some perverse pleasure- and it was obvious to all what I had just threw up.  They all got very white faced and had a N G tube down my nose and up to x-ray within the hour and scheduled for emergency surgery withing the next few hours. It was a complicated surgery and I have a scar that runs all up my stomach and it was closed with staples. I was in the hospital for 13 days and it was touch and go for awhile. The surgeon was good and of course I made it. It took over 6 months to get my strength back and the scar is not pretty.

See the difference? With good healthcare insurance I have access to my primary care doctor who caught the hernia before it was any danger and had me into a specialist within the week and surgery the next week. The amount of money saved is enormous and the amount of down time is nil compared to the surgery in 1999.  This is why we need healthcare for all. 

The surgery in Florida was picked up by the hospital as I am sure they were worried about a lawsuit.  



  1. We all understand the need for health insurance. Unfortunately the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) was not clearly explained to the American people. The little I know tells me it is poorly conceived. A major part of this plan is to bring insurance coverage to those currently without insurance. A most important part, stated by the president, was to lower the cost of health care. Insurance coverage continues to be a major part of the high cost of health care. Other nations have nationalized health care. In those nations health insurance companies are only for those who want coverage above the care provided by the government (Canada, UK, France, etc.). The single payer system like Medicare limits the profits of insurance companies. The words “socialized medicine” and “government death panels” have needlessly frightened Americans.

    1. What I have read of the act does help many, but as you said the American people are not aware of many of the good points. We needed medicare opened to all and means tested premiums and co-pays, much like Germany and Japan do. Sadly that will not happen anytime soon. As you said American people are scared by words that really don’t apply in anyway to this act. In our state the rates are lower than expected and medicaid will be expanded. I chose to go through our community public health department as their doctors and dentists actually care for you and are there because they truly want to help people. The ones I talk to are so happy that now many more people will be able to be helped. They have focused on preventive measures and to keep people from the ER and instead make sure that all doctor visits and specialist are contained in your medical records. I went for 8 years with nerve damage in my spine that basically crippled me and for the last year before surgery was in a wheelchair and bed ridden and stuck in my home for the most part. I had went to ‘specialists’ that just told me to not put any pressure on my left side and learn to live with it. My primary care at the health clinic researched and sent me to a very good specialist (hes 82 and only operates on nerve damage ) who fixed it -he said it was the most inflamed nerve damage he had ever seen- and now 8 months later, I can walk (getting stronger each day) and go on trips and have a life. I lost 8 years of my life because the ‘specialist’ didn’t want to take the time, but the public health department thought otherwise. Same with my dentist-I have sjrogens and so have no saliva-no tears-and pretty much no moisture anywhere- and she is working with me to save my teeth. Sorry for the long winded reply I always enjoy your inputs and have learned from you on many occasions Thank you

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