I ask that question often as I read through the comments and articles that I like to peruse. Read the other day that a poll was taken and 50%  of those polled thought it would be a good idea to not raise the debt ceiling, and it amazed me. For one thing, the raising of the debt ceiling has nothing to do with future spending, but rather paying for what congress approved to spend a year ago. So, not paying those bills is like having a ‘mortgage balloon payment’ and when it comes due, you tell the mortgage company that unless they lower your bills for next year, you refuse to pay it. You think that would fly? Of course it wouldn’t.

What the GOP are doing is no better than blackmail and because so many Americans have no idea how the government works, they buy into the rhetoric. The spending budgets come out of the house and when you approve those budgets, that means in a year you have to pay for them.  If they shut the government down, as they so want to, it will cost we the people the most. It will incur higher interest payments and at the same time we risk losing our credit rating and of course all those military personal and SS and Medicare payments that will not be paid will be very damaging to our economy.

This all comes back to the fact that so few Americans realize how our government works. The president is limited to his ability to do much as it is really the congress that has the control and where the bills and budgets come from. The house is the one that is to make the budgets and where the spending originates from and because we have people in government that don’t know how it works(we need to give civic tests to all incoming freshman senators and representatives) and at the same time consider that government is bad and less government is good. Doesn’t work that way. We now have the most corrupt do-nothing congress of all time, far outpacing the do- nothing congress under Truman.

Our debt/deficit is going down at a faster rate not seen since Eisenhower, and so the talk of spending cuts and austerity measures that the GOP (gods of poverty) are using as blackmail to raise the debt ceiling to pay the bills they okayed for the year are just blackmail, plain and simple.

As always thank you for the time it took to read this and may your day be filled with peace, harmony and love



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