What many don’t know is that when the house chose to separate the ‘farm’ bill from ‘snap and food aid’, they also chose to increase drastically the funding for ‘farm subsidies’. What is entirely revolting about this action, is that ten of those reps that chose this route are recipients of those farm subsides. When they voted to increase that funding and separate it from SNAP, they then turned around and cut SNAP funding and at the same time made it harder to qualify. They cut all funding for job training and job placement and then at the same time put a ‘qualification’ of allowing childless adults only 3 months (lifetime) benefit and if they can not find work they will be denied benefits. Anyone else see the ‘evil’ in that measure? At this time there are 3 to 4 times the unemployed as jobs available. They also included in the SNAP bill the ability of states to choose to kick people off of food stamp help and use that money anyway they choose.

Not only will this leave many people hungry, but the impact on our economy will be huge. Of course these people will use what ever meager funds they have to eat, which means that transportation costs, housing and utilities will not be funded. This will mean that first the grocers-farmers-food manufactures will see a decline in their revenue. Then the landlords, gas stations, stores, and utilities will feel the pain and that will also lead to less revenue and more layoffs.

Yet at the same time, all those GOP(two democrats also joined in with those GOP) have income that is around 3 times the average American wages and they also get a food stipend voted to increase farm subsidies and at the same time enrich those ten reps who benefit from the increased subsidies. Those actions should be illegal and considered insider trading, but several months back those same GOP Reps voted to let the bill expire that made it illegal to gain monetary benefits from instances like the above. 

At the same time that our country(again the wealthiest country in the world) India issued a new mandate that says all people are guaranteed food to eat. They are not a wealthy country and yet they care more about the poor than our country does. What does that say about our country?

I wish I had some magic solution, but I don’t. All we can do is to fight this by calling and emailing our reps and senators in DC and yes the president. Sign those petitions you see on Facebook and Twitter and join together to unite our voice and reclaim our government from corporate interests. We may not have money, but we have something better-we have the power of the numbers-ie: 1% (elite few and large corporations) and the 99% and that would be us.

One of the best tools we have in our favor is the ability to share information with each other. Knowledge is power and the more we know and share the better our chance of winning this all-out fight against those that would destroy our country and government to satisfy their greed.  Please share what you learn with everyone and make sure that all you know are aware of the reality of what is happening in our country. We shall not go quietly into the night.

Peace and as always thank you for the time it took you to read this. May harmony, joy and love surround you




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